Meet Jake Egginton, model and diretor behind Jake Egginton Management

28 dez, 2016


Hey, my name is Jake Egginton. I´m 27 years old from Kidderminster, a city not too far from Birmingham, England. I like to think I am a very positive person. Love to be busy and surrounded by fun, hard working people. I love to travel, meet new people, eat, eat, eat and eat haha.


 Model and Agent






I have been working as a full time model since I was 22 after being scouted online by another model. I quit my job as an IT Support Technician to try and fulfill a passion of mine.

It should have been very difficult being shorter than most models but have managed to travel and work over the past 5 and a half years. I am very passionate about this industry and after organising all my own agencies for the past 5 years I realized that I can also help people achieve their dreams working as a model and travelling the world, with the contacts and work I had put in to help my self travel.




I began just helping local model friends who wanted to travel by placing them. Then I began scouting and developing new faces.









The Jake Egginton Management

Just over 3 years ago when I was back in Birmingham many model friends had seen the amazing places I was lucky enough to work. I knew that I wanted to begin my own agency and help models live the life I am extremely greatful for.




So I began helping place my friends internationally whilst working on branding of my business, working on the direction I want JEM to go and behind the scenes legal works before launching.

My main focus was making JEM a family of models. I love that all my models feel comfortable to come to me and can ask me anything. I am always going to listen. We work as a team to achieve our dreams together.


On fashion world



As mentioned before I love this industry. Dont get me wrong, there are many glamorous perks within the fashion world but when entering the world of modelling its important that models do not lose themselves from these perks.

Stay focused on what you want to achieve, keep in shape, stay positive and work hard.









In and Out on this business

Personally I just love when people are not afraid to wear what they want. Fashion is an amazing way to express yourself and you can really show so much personality with what you wear.

 So, whether it is an all black outfit or an out there outfit I think wear it with confidence!

Jake and the models






I love that you can be a famous model and you can also be uknown to some people. I find this industry is about knowing your markets. Know the best locations for you to be successful in.

Some models have the perfect look to make a large amount of money in parts of Asia then some models will walk for top designers in NYC and Europe, but it is knowing what look is working where and that is why I try to keep update with what different markets are working best with.

 I believe the key to success is creating the whole package. A positive outlook, great personality to be remembered, hard work mentally and physically so you look and feel great. It really is true that if you feel good on the inside it will show on the outside.


There are many ups and downs in this industry. Sometimes it can take time to develop and be earning good money. Some models can just blow up instantly. The downside for many models can be the uncertainty of this job.

One minute you can be working, making great money walking and working for top brands and designers. Then there can be periods of not knowing when the next job is coming. Many factors can affect this from the season you are in a place, the competition around you and that your look is just not right for right now.


Know that it is not always as glamorous as it looks. It really does take hard work. You have to remain thick skinned and positive. There are going to be some great times like when I placed my boy Andee Chua in Milan and he became the first Singaporean to walk in Milan Fashion Week for Emporio Armani. He worked hard, he remained extremely positive after multiple knockbacks within Asia we believed in him and never gave up.


An unforgettable booking and casting.

I scout both commercial and fashion models. When I began scouting models after working in Asia for many years as a model I wanted to find the next Nivea boy. Nivea across Asia is a huge brand to work for as it can expose you to the whole of Asia. Within my first year my boy Vini Uehara (Also a famous blogger @viniuehara ) confirmed multiple Nivea projects across Asia :)


 Superpowers and Superheroes

Definitely to fly. I could be anywhere in not time!

My favourite superhero (such a tough question). Ill go for Wolverine. Hes a BOSS!!

Nickname in school  

Mini Egg – My older sister was Egg or Eggie so I became the Mini Egg haha


Places you go for fun

Being in Thailand a lot I will often visit a new beach every month. Its the best way to get away from the city and just relax.

 Yourself in 10 years

 I see me and JEM Family with many achievements behind us and constantly growing and maintaining the close relationship to each model.


As simple as stay positive, work hard and dont worry because worrying can not change the outcome of anything.

Next Chapters

2017 is going to be our biggest year yet. Many confirmations of exciting placements worldwide for the JEM models. New partnerships with top agencies worldwide. More direct bookings and more beautiful models on the inside and out. #WeAreJEM

Contact info

Jake Egginton Management Ltd


Personal IG: @jake_egginton 

Jake Egginton. 27 years old 


42 EUR




Interview by Ed, the brazilian editor