Actor Ivan Mendes: “I´m not sure the exactly moment that I fell in love for the performing arts. Maybe life showed me this way, I grabbed this opportunity and then I just followed my instincts”

14 jan, 2011

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Hello everyone! I´m Ivan Mendes, “carioca, born and raised in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I have always enjoyed sports: soccer, volleyball, basketball and I´ve practiced capoeira for 16 years and soccer, volleyball, basketball and olympic gymnastics during four years. But actually my fav sport at this moment is surfing. I’m kinda   surf addicted guy. In other words, I just can´t live without it!


It´s a huge adrenalin that helps me out in my daily activities, especially when I have to read and memorize the texts for the plays I´m involved with. Besides, as you guys have noticed i live in Rio, worldwide known as “cidade maravilhosa”, surrounded by amazing beaches, forests, landscapes, a nice weather (the sun shines mostly of the year). It´s an invitation for a good healthy life cause the cariocas love to work it out.

The cultural life here in Rio?  It´s been growing every year with some ups and downs, but always you´ll find some interesting plays, music, movies…  I´m an actor and I believe that we must work to be able to allow culture to all people, despite of gender, race, social condition etc etc.

How did all begin? Plays, Soap Operas, Theaters…

I´m not sure the exactly moment that I fell in love for the performing arts. Maybe life showed me this way, I grabbed this opportunity and then I just followed my instincts. In 2002, actor and director Leonardo Brício was directing the play “O ateneu”, based on a novel by the brazilian writer Raul Pompeia with 40 actors and I was one of the chosen ones because they  needed actors specialized in acrobatics. After this play, I follow studying performing arts. First in Tablado, where I attended a year, and then at the UniverCidade, where I majored in Dramatic Arts. I believe that every day I find out why I really chose this career, but still not have a strictly defined position on this matter.

I´ve acted in several plays while in college and I´ve met many actors, directors, producers, which helped me getting into the performing arts. In the play “Moço em estado de sítio”, for example, I won the award of best actor. I started doing roles in soap operas and in tv series such as “A grande Família”, produced by Globo network. During my graduation I worked as capoeira´s teacher and I met my manager and friend Vânia Brito. I did some tests with her and it came my first invitation to work in a  brazilian soap opera “Luz do Sol”, produced by Record network. Then I acted in the film “Leo e Bia”, written and directed by Oswaldo Montenegro. And even before I finished working on the film, I was hired by Globo network to act in the soap opera “Três Irmãs”.

Show biz and 5 most important things for his life

Nowadays  show business means being famous. In the past, when artists achieved success, we could  see the results of their professionalism. It was an authentic expression of art, they showed to the society a unique and timeless work. Today we see names that come and go without expressing the true essence of art.

5 most important things for me

# 1 Family: because it is the main source of our family tree
# 2 Friends: as Aristotle said: “Friendship is one soul in two bodies.”
# 3 My dream: it is wonderful to dream, and even more fulfilling it!
# 4 Nature: main power source of our lives. We can´t live without it!
# 5 Love: because love is everything that is most beautiful in the world! “If I speak the language of men, and speak the language of angels, without love I am nothing.” Renato Russo

Funny/unusual backstages moments: in the bed!

When we are in a set you can see at least 10 people around you: director, lighting assistants, makeup artists, just to perform only one single scene. It would be just an average day where we  we would shoot a scene a little bit embarassing cause involved me and an actress in bed making love. The director yells action, we begin to do some pre-defined markings, when suddenly, in those movements with me and the girl, I  rolled a little stronger to one side of the bed and I fell on the floor, along with the actress. Well, you guys can imagine the team´s reaction hahahahah!


Ivan by himself

Beauty X Talent

Definitelly beauty is a really plus in this market. Some think it´s wrong, others don´t. Honesty I´m not sure if it´s right or wrong, but I believe we all have our potential in this life so if we can combine beauty, talent along with luck, will be able to do a succesful career and not only into performing arts. I just can´t agree with those actors with no talent at all, but just use their “beauty” to achieve fame and success. Beauty is ephemeral.

Fans, the media, papparazzis: u surrounded by a huge crowd!

I´d seek for a safe exit. I don´t like to be in a huge crowd. It´s such a mess! Fame is a result of my work, so it would be so stupid if I deny it, but everything has limits. I’ve seen friends get hurt because of harassment, I´ve already suffered some scratches. I enjoy talking to fans and the press, answer their questions, so I believe in a balance, where interviews are conducted in an orderly manner, by placing certain limits for good healthy relationship.

Respect for privacy is a very important aspect.  Once I was in Prainha´s beach surfing with two friends when a photographer (the press) approached me and asked me if he could do some pics. As a matter of fact, he was ready to start shooting before asking me, but he came to me in a very respectful way, so I obviously  authorized him to take some shoots, and the pictures came out really nice.

Human rights, Politics, Sexual behavior

It´s such a difficult question to be answered. So much has been said about these matters in our civilization. Some important steps, spiritual leaders but so many useless attitudes, genocides, intolerance….We still have to learn a lot, there´s a long way for mankind achieve a real balance to live in harmony. On politics, I´d rather not go into details due to lack of competence of those who represent us. Concerning Human rights, I do not have enough feedback to place me critically, so I just watch to learn more about this subject. When I think about sexual behavior, I just wonder that we don´t have control over our emotions, our passions, loves and sorrows. So, no more prejudices, wars, pain and suffering. It’s time to be happy, free, loving life. Long live to love!

Fav singer: Bob Marley
Actor and actress: Sean Penn and Nicole Kidman
Film: I Am Sam
Food: Shrimp
Fav undies for his daily activities and for those cool sexy moments (lol): boxer briefs always
Fav fragrance: the ones my girfriend Sasha gives me
A cool sexy moment: with Sasha in a deserted island

The projects

You can watch my new film “Leo e Bia” here in Brazil. Check out the teaser trailer

And also don´t miss my new play “Garotos”. I´m travelling through Brazil. Now in my Bahia for the following 2 weeks. Come here to see us!

Garotos, the play

February´s schedule

03 and 04 – Itabuna /Centro de Cultura Adonias Filho Dias (73) 6211-7429

05 and 06 – Ilhéus / Teatro Municipal de Ilhéus  (73) 32317265

10 and 11 – Jequié / Centro de Cultura ACM – (73)3526 8046

12 e 13/02 – Vitoria da Conquista / Centro de Cultura Camillo de Jesus (77) 3424 4725

17/02 – Feira de Santana /Centro de Cultura Amélio Amorim

18 to 20  – Santo Amaro / Teatro Dona Canô – (75)3241 1298

26 and 27 – Petrópolis / Theatro D. Pedro – (24) 2235-3833

An unforgettable moment: My little girl´s  born

My upcoming projects include to work in a new soap opera and I also intend to study abroad. Stay tuned folks!


Ivan Mendes, actor, the typical “carioca”

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