Italo Gaspar: highlights on his career as a fashion photographer

02 jan, 2012

Hello Ed and the World of Models family, pleasure to be here!

The Photographer!

I was born in Volta Redonda, a city located in the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


When I turned 18, I went to Rio de Janeiro to study Advertising in the college but it didn´t work it out.

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After 3 months studying it I just quit and started to focus on my real passion: photography.

I started making assistance to some photographers and after one year and a half I moved to São Paulo to do my first professional editorial. shooting male models.

Since then I have been photographing many male models and I love shooting new faces. I feel something of purity when I shoot them

I was real nervous in one of the editorials I did for the site Made in Brazil by Juliano Corbetta. He is a terrific professional into fashion world and he has already worked with some of the most prestigious photographers, so I was afraid about not doing a good job. I think he noticed that but he was real cool, he made me comfortable doing my job and the pics turned out great!

Hahahah, now looking behind, def it was a funny moment!

And that´s all folks!

Thanks for reading a little bit about my world. 2012 is just beggining and I´m really excited about the new projects for this year.

Stay tuned.


Italo Gaspar
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