Isaiah Hamilton: “Modeling isn’t just looking good, it’s skill, it’s feeling, it’s art and poetry combined”

26 jan, 2014

I’m very determined , strong willed , I feel as if I’m unstoppable, I’m a fighter I’m a survivor and I’m willing to die for my dreams.

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I’m from a planet called Spring Valley, I call it a planet because when your there, it seems like everything else is so far away, like a better opportunity is light-years away. Spring valley is a small town in upstate New York, ruled by drugs, gangs and hopelessness.

I feel like everybody there are like zombies a shell of themselves if you stay there too long, you’ll start to become one to and not be motivated , not think outside the box, and never do anything with your life.



My personal interest are simple, I love to play basketball, I feel it takes my mind off of everything. It’s my zone when I’m on the court. I love the gym I love working out improving my body, I need a challenge I need a goal , because without those , you are headed in the direction of nowhere.

Becoming a model: a crossroad in his life

I decided to become a model at a point and time in my life where I was at a crossroad in my life at age 17. Go become the person you want to be or live life just getting by and always wondering “what if”.

Modeling was never something I wanted to pursue, but I saw an opportunity in it to inspire people with my life to help change others. I promised myself I would never do it for myself but for a greater good. There may be a young child out there who needs to tell her story to help saving their lives. I know this and I feel this because I was once that kid.



My first test shoot was tough, modeling is hard it´s not easy. I would say my first test shoot was a disappointment I realized I had a long way to go, modeling isn’t just looking good, it’s skill, it’s feeling, it’s art and poetry combined.

The best thing about modeling so far is the unknown, the possibility to become worldwide, international , to almost become larger than life. Where this thing can take you, is the best thing about it.


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Working with photographers: chemistry and teamwork

I like the chemistry, the science behind the project, what creates the perfect photo , it’s teamwork, coming together as one to create a frozen moment in time, it was said to me that one photo can change it all, and of course the famous quote a picture is worth a thousand words.

I have a simple routine before a shoot, I like to get into my zone. I would listen to Hans Zimmer, one of my favorite musical composers, close my eyes and begin to imagine. I have to see it before I do it.

I am comfortable being I front of the camera naked as long as it would help my career and not hurt it. And probably the most funny thing I’ve ever experienced backstage, before a show with girls and guys everybody just stripped naked in front of each other I was shocked because I thought there was going to be dressing rooms. Mind you it was my first time ha. 

The catwalks moments; feeling like a star of the show




The catwalk is very exciting to do. When I walk it’s all eyes on me, for the 30 seconds I’m out there I’m the star of the show.

When I´m walking down the runway I think I’m unstoppable, powerful and the sexiest man alive, all eyes on me.

The dumbest think you’ve ever heard a model say

What’s the number to 911

The fashion world ruled by… (guess what?)

Women still rule the business, but that just means the male models who are recognized are truly amazing and will be legendary.

My favorite male models that inspire my are Tyson Ballou, David Gandy and Tyson Beckford. My favorite female models are Naomi Campbell, Iman, and Jourdan Dunn.


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Isaiah´s style: a fashionista?

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I’m actually rather flashy when I need to be, I love distinctive leather jackets. I want to always look like a movie star. A Snapback either backwards or forward, and most importantly a pair of black shades is a must, fitted jeans and fashion boots.

Imagine u famous model surrounded by a huge crowd!

That would be just fine. i want fans to feel they can approach me, I want them to feel like they can relate to me, if they feel excited because I’m in there their presence , I must be doing a great thing. I want be to loved and adored by many if not all.

Isaiah on show business

I think the show business is designed to make money, and at the end of the day, it’s a business

Loving x Dating

Loving my girlfriend is by making her feel as if she’s the only girl who’s ever existed, I look at yself as a king, and as my woman she should feel like queen



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I feel like sports can teach you a lot about life, so I study them, consistently watch them. In sports being a champion is about overcoming adversity and pressure to win the ultimate prize, And so is being successful in life 

If you could have a super power what would it be? Who’s your favorite superhero?  

If I could have a superpower , it would probably be super knowledge , to know all things is powerful to me. And Batman is my favorite super hero 

Atracting someone´s attention

Depending on the type of attention I’m looking for I use my eyes. I give a certain look, that can make a person instantly drawn to me.

Having fun, enjoying life

If I had a beach to go to everyday, it would be that, the basketball court and hot places

Craziest thing ever done in a summer time season 

I went skinny dipping late at night on the beach in Miami 

Fav body part and why

The eyes, only part of the body that speaks without saying a word

Fav underwear for daily and cool sexy moments

Some Hanes and Calvin Kleins


In your IPod

My favorite singer is Seal. And the type of music you will hear in my iPod is all types, from jazz to house to r&b to classical to country and crooning

Fav food

Thai food

Guilty pleasure

True Blood HBO

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If you weren´t a model you´d be…

Probably be a football player 

Next Chapters

 I’m flying out to LA next week for a big project 

An unforgettable moment

When I did the Parke and Ronen show during fashion week and TMZ put me on National Television


Do not remember the former things nor consider the things of the past I will even create roads in the wilderness and rivers in the desert and the beast of the field shall honor me. Isaiah 43:14.




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