Model and actor Isaac Sullivan and one of his unforgettable moment: “The unveiling of the new men’s fragrance “ZIPPED PREMIER” in NYC with me on the bottle and on the box”

30 ago, 2012

My name is Isaac J. Sullivan


I’m From Cincinnati, Ohio. My personal interests include: Modeling, Acting, Music, , Sports, Cars, challenges, competition, relaxation, traveling, new experiences, and different people. I like to stay in motion.


I started modeling in college just as something I was curious about. Everybody always told me I should do it but I didn’t really know much about it. I was discovered by my management, Mozell Entertainment Group while I was working on the set of Dancing With The Stars. I went to New York, for the first time, and on my first trip I immediately became one of the “Faces of Sean John Clothing”.


I was signed to Boss Models New York by the legendary David Bosman (who suddenly passed away this year while I was working in Europe). I am represented in Italy by Beatrice Model Management. In Paris, France, I work with Major Model Management and in Los Angeles, CA, I work with Hollywood Model Management.

My first shoot provided me with vital takeaways: information about modeling, craft and the technicalities involved. I learned it’s not just standing around in front of a camera and trying to look cool. Modeling is an art and it takes skill.

The best thing about modeling to me is the traveling and the many different people you get to interact with. The modeling industry is competitive for all models of all colors, and I think its important for more people to educate themselves about it.



Working with photographers: a sense of camaraderie and teamwork

What I like most when working with a photographer is feeling a sense of camaraderie and teamwork. It takes at least a full crew in a photo shoot to create great shots. I have a responsibility as a model to give good, quality, innovative, and sometimes abstract poses and expressions, and the photographer has the responsibility of capturing these things in the most artistic and quality way possible.

And Just like standing in front of a camera makes you no model, merely standing behind the camera does not make you a photographer. So the hard work and collaboration, and the great content that can come from it is what I
like most.

I can’t tell you about my special preparations, because then they’d be someone else’s preparations too! lol! But I do prepare. Mind, Body and Soul. Being naked in front of the camera is a good question. It doesn’t bother me, but I never understood the fashion in being naked for a photo. And Backstage?!?! Man,
backstage is always a little crazy… just know that.


The catwalks experiences

I’ve walked in runways shows all over Europe for many designers. My most memorable ones would be the Giorgio and Emporio Armani shows. In the modeling world, that’s equivalent to winning the super bowl, and only the very best models from all over the world are able to book the Armani shows in his worldwide headquarters, Milan, Italy.

It´s fun backstage because you have magazines and bloggers from all over the world fighting to get the best photos, asking you to turn this way and that way, while a stadium full of fashionistas, celebrities, buyers, fans, and media wait for you to hit the runway, in the newest collections of designs that won´t even be available until the following year. It’s an exhilarating feeling, even though you’re only on the runway for a maximum of a few seconds per look.



The fashion industry: yep, women still rule!

Not even close. Women rule this business. Men’s Fashion is emerging, and beginning to make more of a statement I feel. But, women are the fashion world. I think they always will be, and perhaps should be.

A fashionista?

No, I’m not a fashionista. I like what fits well and looks good. I prefer to be comfortable over everything else when I’m not working as a model.

The acting experiences

My first real acting experience was working as an understudy on Tyler Perry’s TBS comedy series “House of Payne”. It happened almost simultaneously with modeling. I had my audition tape sent down from Cincinnati, OH, and next thing you know I had to move to Atlanta. I got a lot of experience there before moving to Los Angeles.

Once I arrived in LA I started working immediately. I booked the lead in a short film called “Death and Money” that won the award for best short film at “The  Las Vegas International film festival” and that brought me to the attention of my manager, with Richard Willis, Jr. and Mozell Entertainment Group.

Working  alongside Richard, and within a strategic Mozell plan, and with the support of the Mozell team, we have been able to create and secure more opportunities in the fields of my interests. I am very blessed, grateful and thankful to be part of Mozell Entertainment Group.

Acting x Modeling

If I had to choose between acting and modeling, I would choose acting. I find acting to ne more of a challenging, expressive, active venture. I like large productions with crews, craft services, scripts, and multiple people working together to produce a great film or TV show. My Latest movie called “AT THE TOP OF THE PYRAMID” was just that and i loved it. It will be out in early 2013. Working with international movie stars as well as new and unknown actors was very exciting and rewarding.

As far as roles in my future, I aspire to play well developed, interesting and unique characters that find themselves in the most complicated of scenarios. I would like to play a bad guy also, but one role at a time and one movie or show at a time. Because, as an actor I like roles that require my focus and concentration.

Imagine u famous model surrounded by a huge crowd!

I’d deny it all and say you must have me mistaken for that other famous guy! LOL! Then I’d show try to get the nearest exit! LOL! Sometimes you just wanna be a background face in the crowd, and stay as incognito as possible especially if you weren’t expecting high energy hoopla and a celebrity atmosphere.

Role models

Tyra Banks and Tyson Beckford were my inspirations in modeling. I was able to meet Tyson and speak with him and he was very encouraging to me. I don’t think modeling is what it used to be in their heyday, as far as attention and business, but with all the opportunity modeling creates, I know today’s models can break new barriers and boundaries. I love show business. It’s very challenging and I love challenges.

Dating X Loving

Dating, and maybe you’ll fall in love for a little bit. It´s fun.


WHODEY!!! Cincinnati Bengals Nation!

Atracting´s someone´s attention

Be myself

Having fun

Be Spontaneous!

Enjoying life

The beach, the gym, my Xbox 360, somewhere with good music

The craziest (nastiest?) thing in a summer time season

Anything can happen in the summer time

Fav body part and why

A pretty face wins first place

Fav underwear for daily activities and for those coooool sexy moments (lol!)

Favorite underwear are the brands that serve my need for space as well as comfort

In his Ipod

In my IPOD right now is “SUPASTAR” by REYN. It´s a good, sunny day, and a I feel like a superstar today kind of song! The track makes you feel good!

Fav food

Pesto Penne Pasta

Guilty pleasure

Television Reality Shows!

If you weren´t a model/actor you´d be

FBI Agent, Lawyer, or a Professional Sports figure!

Upcoming projects

The movie “At The Top Of The Pyramid” will be coming out early 2013.
I am currently juggling my booking schedule for New York Fashion Week.
I’ll be hosting for the cameras the launch of “Men’s Fashion Week Los Angeles” on 10-11-12.
I’m in the early stages of pre-production for my next feature film for a major Hollywood studio.
I have several acting auditions lined up for “Television Pilot Season.
I’ll be at “Beverly Hills Porsche” on September 6th, 2012 for “Fashion Night Out” walking exclusively for the Anthony Franco Collection.
I’m just thankful to God and working to get better everyday!

Unforgettable moments

Taking the 8 hour train ride from Milan, Italy to Paris, France with my manager. Unforgettable!!!
The unveiling of the new men’s fragrance “ZIPPED PREMIER” in NYC with me on the bottle and on the box. Unforgettable!!!


You don’t shoot-you don’t score; You don’t play-you won’t win!

Full name: Isaac J. Sullivan

Age: Mid 20s

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Contact info:
CEO & Executive Producer
New York/Los Angeles: 323-932-6010

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