Meet Ioana Braniste, the model from Romania

27 abr, 2014

Hello, World of Models family! My name is Ioana Braniste, I’m 20 years old and I was born in Bacau, Romania.

Ioana Braniste for World of Models

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I decided to become a model when I was 12 years old, I just felt this is my road, my family supported me and at 14 years old I got a contract with a big model agency, after participating to a national beauty contest.

My first test shooting was a little strange, because I didn’t know how to pose and the photographer was also new in his job, but, in the end, those pictures helped me to go in my first trip as a model, in Milan.

The best thing about modeling for me so far, it’s that I made good friends, I learned a lot of good things, I visited many places, but most of all, that I am extremely happy and every day I feel that I must continue what I am doing, because this is the path for me.

Posing to photographers: naked sometimes?

I like to talk about the project with the photographer before shooting, to put a nice music and to fix the goals.

I am always naked in front of the camera, even if I wear clothes. :)

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The catwalks´experiences

I’ve worked with Rocco Barocco, Moschino, Comme des Garçons, Petit Bateau, Mila Schön and many others.

I love catwalks! When I am walking down the runway I feel it’s my moment and I rule the world! :)

Female models x Male models: who rule?

Sorry guys, but I think female models still rule this business.

My favorite male model is Tyson Ballou and my favorite female models are Tatiana Marinescu (Romanian also) and … me. :) 

Iona, a fashionista?

When I am not working as a model I wear casual clothes, but in a special occasion, you could guess the industry I’m involved in! :) 

Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd!

First, I’ll be a little shy and overwhelmed, but for sure I will be very happy, I will share my joy with everybody around me and I will be grateful for making my day!

Iona on show business

Well, it could be my next stopJ  Seriously, these days our life is continuously influenced by this business.


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If you could have a super power, what would it be and what´s your fav super hero?

If I could have a super power, I would make a happy world. Super hero,  I have two: my parents!  :)

Iona´s style on

Dating – Do you really want to know a fashion model dating style? :)  “Sorry honey, I’m already booked!”  :)

Loving - Deeply and forever!

Sports – Targeted!

Attracting someone´s attention – saying: “Hello!”

Having fun, enjoying life: I am always having fun. But if I add friends, music and food, it’s perfect!  Freedom of Spirit

Places you usually go – Anywhere castings/jobs are… :)

Craziest (nastiest?) thing you’ve ever done in a summer time season – Well guys, I’m a model… I don’t

Fav body part and why – Let me organize a self-casting!  :)

In your IPOD: Spanish music it’s always welcome, but I can listen

Fav food: I love spicy food!

Guilty pleasure: Chocolate with nuts <3 Ok, this is really my secret :)

If you weren´t a model you´d be…. A homeopathic doctor

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 An unforgettable moment

When my father told me that I will have a baby brother.


If you want something, go for it!

And when you´ll come to my world? Check it out I´m sure you´ll have a real good time under tehe brazilian tropical sun!

As soon as possible!

Next Chapters

Work! Home! Travel Work! :)any type of music, I will enjoy it anyway.

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