Indira Carvalho: “The modeling market for brazilian black models is getting better and I hope that it could improve even more”

10 dez, 2010

Thank you World of Models family, it´s a pleasure to be here to share some updates on my modeling career! I´m brazilian and I  was born in the beautiful and incredible Salvador city, Brazil, where you´ll find such cool places to visit in my hometown.
I´m pretty prankster, friendly and I enjoy life to the fullest with my buddies and family. I love camping , listen good music, meeting new people, dating and, of course, I´m a beach girl lol!

How did it all begin

In 2004, my aunt saw an ad about a modeling contest. She told me about this contest, I filled out the aplication, took some runway classes and then I was selected one of the 5 models for this contest. Nothing bad for the first steps into the fashion world eh? The next year I came to São Paulo quite by chance, grabbing all the opportunities and after some indecisions, adn thank GOD here I am now doing my best to improve more and more into the modeling career.

My first test shooting was really funny cause I was really calm. As a matter of fact, I did not know how the fashion world worked. I enjoy the adrenalin of the backstages. I must say that I couldn´t do anyother activity but being a model!

The modeling market for brazilian black models

It´s getting better and I hope that it could improve even more. I´ve seen lots of pretty new black faces in the runways and I feel proud about that. “Black is beautiful”

Working with photographers, backstages and the catwalks!

I enjoy working with photographers that express all their energy, charisma, kindness and friendliness in order to achieve a great result. You can see the good results when when we work as a team . I´ve worked with such amazing photographers, like, for example,  Lucio Luna, Jaques Dequeker, Bob Wolfenson, Rodrigo Marques, just to name a few!

Oh yeah, we always have some funny backstages moments. Once in Rio de Janeiro I was doing an editorial in a club and there was a beautiful car close to me. I was so eager to drive that car that I accidentally I accidentally stumbled on the club’s coordinator. The photographer was very upset with me, but believe me folks, all the situation was really funny!

The catwalks are always a quite  incredible place to be with lots of adrenalin! I try to stay calm, feeling all good vives that surround us. I´ve already walked for  Lenny, Auslander, Maria Bonita, André Lima, Motion, Erika Ikezili, Ronaldo Fraga, Lino Vilaventura, Fause Haten, Cavalera, Jeferson Kuling Samuel Cirnansck. And I hope someday to walk for  Marc Jacobs, Calvin Klein, Miu Miu, Chanel, Prada, Balenciaga, Dior, Givenchy, Victoria’s Secret, Celine, just to name a few!

A fashionista?

I like to dress in a most comfortable way, such as short, and Hawaiian shirt. I don´t follow the fashion trends. To be and feel comfortable is my #1 priority.

Fame, Success……

I think it´s gateway to be well succeeded not only for modeling but for all professions. But, of course, the big challenge is to find a real balance between these 2 things and never ever forget that professionalism, ethics must be in first place. And when we talk about fashion business, the beauty has an important impact on a modeling career.


Volleyball, Soccer and Rowing

Enjoying life

Chilling out with my buddies, family, beach, malls, parks, zoos,just living life to the fullest!


My lovely and friendly country that needs to improve even more!

Human Rights

Here, there and everywhere!

Fav singers

Margareth Menezes, Ivete Sangalo, Alicia Keys, Adão Negro, Bob Marley, Exaltasamba, Pixote, Jason Mraz, Inimigos da HP, Marisa Monte, O Rappa, Sorriso Maroto, Timbaland, Negra Cor, Whitney Houston, Simple Plan, Sampa Crew Parangole, Banda Eva  and Declaração (a mucsical group from my hometown).

Fav actors

Sheron Menezes, Juliana Alves, Fernanda Montenegro, Rodrigo Santoro, Daniel de Oliveira, Tony Ramos, Lázaro Ramos and Thais Araujo

Fav Food

Moqueca de peixe, acarajé, abará, lasagna.

Fav body part

I think I like my whole body, especially my eyes and stomach

The ideal man: Romantic all the way, kindness and most of all be a friendly person

Motto; Always be yourself.

Thank you again World of Models family. I wish you guys an amazing 2011. I´m sure that it will be a year with lots of great opportunities for us!


Indira Carvalho
Info contact: 40 º Models

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