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14 dez, 2015



Hey, my name is Jimmy Sebastian from The Netherlands. I was born in a small town Beverwijk but live now in Amsterdam.


Well, actually I live over the world haha I travel a lot for my work as a model to get jobs. During my travels I make small blogs on my instagram about great places i visit, check it out  www.instagram.com/SebastianJimmyM. As well i recently started interviewing my facebook friends. “the real world behind facebook” so all interesting people get a questionary and tell funny and smart things about themselves.

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So yes I love to write and making pictures as well. You can see that with the interviews i make.

  I´m a history and cultural lover so where ever i go, i always make big city walkings to explore everything and sometimes i even go to leisures. Im a good cook if i may say so. I make lots of healthy clean food. Mostly steamed and vegan.

 What is there more to tell? Well I am a loving ,fun, social , open and direct guy who just makes the best out of life and along the way try to help people with all their issues.


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Modeling: how did all begin

 I started in this business about 2 years ago. Before that i did some commercial stuff but that was years before that. Three years ago i lost a lot of weight. 45 kg to be exactly. I worked my ass of to lose a lot of weight. I wanted to be an example for people and that others stopped bullying me.

When i became more skinny, someone noticed me at a party and asked me if i wanted to be a model. At that time is was still really insecure because once you where big, its not that easy to take the picture out of your head. But i decided to give it a try.


Almost 2 years ago i started with this small agency and didn’t know nothing of the fashion scene. I got my first testshoot already when i was 18 but that was really bad. Then the first thing i did was a editorial and a testshoot. It surprised me how big a team at the shooting was. I was amazed but full focus dedicated to make my career work. 1,5 year ago i decided to model full time.

I traveled to Milan where i did my first fashion week last summer. I didn’t do shows but some editorials and showrooms for Just Cavalli, Moschino and Diesel black and gold. It was my first season and everybody told me to be patient. And that’s something you really have to be in this business.After this summer i did some other jobs to make some money so i could keep on traveling for modeling.


So this year i did Milan for the second time, a job in Paris and London. And now i go in December for the third time to Milan. I did already quit some tests and i really love to work with amazing creative people. Through this job i have had the pleasure to meet so many incredible inspirational people from all over the world. The fashionworld made me show a complete other world then i always imagined. I learned a lot in the positive way but most of the times its a hard and bitter world with no respect for models at all. And that suprised me the most.

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Posing to photographers

For me the most important during shooting is the connection with the photographer but actually with the whole team. If the vibe is not good, i dont feel comfortable shooting.

I don´t have any previous preparation. I just do it and do my thing. Thats what most photographers like as well. The natural way without to much posing. Since im more comfortable with my body and I love creativity, its not a problem for me to go all the way. So nudity even for me is not a problem anymore. I’m proud of my body and worked really hard for it and still do. So why not be an example for other people?

The most memorably moment for me is actually my first editorial ever. There where 2 set stylists that where constantly having fights about what was right and what not. It was awful. The whole day the had discussions. It was a unpaid day but it took 18 hours!!! The rest of the team was amazing and had a lot of fun.


And 2 weeks ago i had a shooting outside for a editorial in Barcelona. The stylists had a lot of stuff with them and decided to put some stuff on a bench. On that bench was a lady but apparently she was watching a movie on her iphone so she scared of us. She begun to call us names and everything and shouting and stuff. So we walked on and started shooting again. The lady wouldn’t stop but we didn’t gave her attention. It actually made me laugh because she was so sad. Later she walked to us and tried to throw the clothes into the water that was not nice, but it was a good proof of how crazy people are in this world.




The catwalks´ experiences

On the catwalk I dont have that much of experience. I did some big shows in my own country for a few designers but not for the brands as you know them. But they will come ;-) I walked for Tony Cohen, Bas Kosters and Alan Vos.

I did some classes for catwalk training though. But when I do presentations or shows i always put the song happy or keep on smiling in my head.

 That almost makes me dance on the runway. The second time Milan i was booked for some shows but got canceled because of another job.

And the dumbest thing I ever heard a model saying was that he thought a runway was the lane a airplane lands on hahahah but a lot of models say stupid things so I can make a big list hahahaha

Male models x Female models



Still female models rule the world I´m sure about that. They have a lot of power and you see them more then male models but that’s easy to explain. Women buy way more stuff then men. Men dont buy that much so the don’t rule the modeling scene.

 I don’t have really a role model in modeling because I just know a few models not much actually. Maybe because my interest is not really there? I mean we are people making the best of our job being a model. So I can´t really give you a example sorry. But, of course, the dutch pride is Doutzen Kroes haha And  like the way Lucky blue Smith is holding on his career.

Jimmy´s style: a fashionista?

IMG_0863 (2) 

I have my own style so I´m a big mix of everything haha lot of black and white but i think most models have that. I wear everything i feel comfortable in although sometimes my agency says i shouldn’t haha.

Imagine u a famous model surronded by a huge crowd!

 I would laugh really hard and try to make the best of the situation. At first i would say its a joke and they are  mistaking, but after i would take the time for my fans because after all the help you a little with your career as well. I mean i get a lot of good energy of their positive comments. And yes sometimes you have really bad people but i see that just as jealousy and transform it into positive mindsetting and energy.

On show biz

 There is no business like show business hahaha i would love to be an actor after modeling. But i see life as one big movie and everybody has their role in it. Thats why im always smiling (well almost always)


Loving x Dating

 Well, I was single for 3 years and didn’t do a lot of dating because i didn’t have the time for it and I didn’t trust anyone. But at this moment there is something going on and im happier then ever. But normally I only dated sometimes just for fun. To have a relationship in modeling is hard but definitely not impossible.


 Running, biking and the gym, of course.


Superpowers and Super heroes

To let everybody in the world experience the feeling of real love and give love. The world would be such a better place.

Superhero: ron Man

 Atracting someone´s attention

  Hahah just a blink with am eye is enough hahaha

Having fun, enjoying life

 Everywhere around the world. You have to make it yourself in every possible way. Be creative.

I love to be surrounded by creative people because you can go everywhere with them, party wise and conversation wise. And go from underground bar to somebodys livingroom. From a fire on the beach till a afterparty in the mountains. I go crazy everywhere.


Craziest thing in a Summertime season  

well at this point it goes blanco……Do you know when you have alreadu experienced so much that you cant remember? Sounds crazy but it is.

 Fav body part and why

 Hahaha, my eyes and something else but thats to nasty to tell :)

Fav underwear for daily activities and for those cool sexy moments lol

Normally slips for castings and for fun, sexy boxers.


Music and Food

: George michael. But i love so much other singers and bands i can make a big list. The music on my ipod is really a variation of a lot. Depends on my mood.

Sushi is my fav food

Guilty pleasure


Fav booking so far

 I can´t tell which one was the best. everey booking im grateful for and had lots of fun. All the brands I worked for have their own positive things.

IMG_0901 (2)

 Childhood´s mory

 I prefer not to tell. Didn´t had the best childhood to grow up since I was bullied so much.

Nickname in school

 Superworm jim, loser, nerd, sjimmy

Yourself in 10 years

 Healthy and happy and having my own event or pr company.

If u weren´t a model, u´d be,,,,

 Idon’t know. I wish i knew hahaha.

An unforgettable moment

The first person that said Iwas beautiful.

Next Chapters

I hope you will enjoy to read a little piece of my life and my memories. I keep on traveling for a while. Just did Barcelona the whole summer worked there a bit. I´ve just arrived from Paris, and after a short week in Amsterdam I´ve be heading to Milan again. I look bright to the future and lets see what its brings.


 Jimmy Sebastian 28 years old

187 cm

76 Kg

44 shoe

FB page https://www.facebook.com/sebastianjimmyR?fref=ts

Mother agency : Elite Mdel Management.elitemodel.com/elite/

Interview by Ed, the brazilian editor


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