Amiram Eini: “Meeting interesting people, like Versace before he was killed, Jean PaukGaultier, and Calvin Klein has also been fun”

20 out, 2017


Hi Ed, on my free time I am a martial arts and Yoga instructor, but I’ve also released three albums, and toured the world as a musician.


But my real profession, as in what I studied, is fine arts and painting, which is something I still love to do




Modeling: how did all begin

I had a girlfriend in art school that was modeling at the time, she brought me to her agency, although I wasn’t really interested at first.

My first job was a trip to New Zealand for a big commercial. We travelled business class, stopped for a few days in Bangkok, and Bali on the way, and I was hooked ever since. Since I was in art school it was quite easy to get my colleagues to shoot me some pictures, and off I went on a new path.

Traveling is by far the best thing about modeling, but I do love being on commercial sets, which has also brought me into acting more.




Meeting interesting people, like Versace before he was killed, Jean PaukGaultier, and Calvin Klein has also been fun

Posing to photographers




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I like photographers who trust you to do your job, and let you flow, who trust themselves that they will catch those magic moments.

I don’t usually do nude shoots, unless it’s something very particular.




The runway shows

My latest fashion show for Billionaire was really funny as everyone was over forty, and most were over fifty. They were talking about their grandchildren. I felt really young again.

 I do remember running half naked into Naomi Campbell, while she was also half naked on my way back to the runway during one of my first Versace shows. She took it in good humor and we ended up with quite a few drinks of champagne after

I also remember a swedish model who was working for an agency in Vienna called Wiener. She was also a hand model and said loud and proud at the dinner table “ but I do all the hand jobs at Wiener” Needless to say we were on the floor laughing.

Male models x Female models




I think women definitely still rule. I’m old school, so the women back in the days I used to admire were Linda Evangelista, CristyTurlington, Tatiana Patitsig etc. The only male model I knew the name of before I started modeling was Marcus Schenkenberg.

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Amiram, a fashionista?


No, my friends were all surprised when I started modeling, cause I like it as simple as possible. Cargo pants and t-shirts

Imagine u a famous guy surrounded by a huge crowd!

I’ve had a similar experience as a musician, it was great. Signed a few autographs and did some selfies. Its fun!

On show business 

“There is no business like show business”

Sports: Martial arts, Yoga, running

 Fav superheroes:  Wolverine orr Spiderman, some days I do like superman. I love comics


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Craziest (nastiest?) moments u´ve ever had in summer time seasons

 Crazy and nasty is too crazy and nasty for it to be revealed here :)

One summer I did hitchhike a 20 gig tour, all around the country. That was rock’n’roll life all the way.

 Fav underwear for all moments



I’ve gotten tons of underwear from body jobs over the years, so its pretty random what I choose on what occasion.


In my phone I like to listen to podcasts, history and current affairs things

 Amiram in 10 years

  I hope I will have another three albums out, be on tours, have more exhibitions, and keep doing martial arts.





The Projects

 Currently working on my new album, opening two new classes where I teach Yoga. My motto is :Win or Learn, Mistakes are the best teachers




Amiram Eini


Insta: @amirameini

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