40 Graus Models, the series: Iago Botelho

25 out, 2015


Hello World of Models, Iago Botelho here, 18 years old, born in a small city called Santa Maria Madalena located in the state of Rio de Janeiro.






I´m a down to earth person and I think you can´t reach your goals without humility and effort. I love sports, meet new places and have brand new experiences everyday!

Modeling: how did all begin

I got discovered by the agent Jadler Silva and he invited me to participate to 40 Graus Workshop when I met Sergio Mattos, the owner of this agency.


Then I  did my first shooting with the amazing photographer Jeff Segenreich . It was a really cool experience and I enjoyed a lot!

The best thing about modeling for me is to be recognized by the people and to be spotted in so many places around the world,






Posing to photographers and a funny shooting moment

I always enjoy having a previous talk to them to discuss and understand their ideas. Once I was shooting on the beach and suddenly came a strong wave and threw me away lol

Iago´s style: a fashionista?

I like to wear comfortable and good clothes, a cool sneaker on my feet, jeans and t shirt.




Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd!

I´d try to go to a quiet place and I´d treat give everyone´s attention they deserve the best way I could!

On show business

 It´s cool for those one who really make part of it





Male models x Female models: who rule this business?

Definitelly they rule cause they got more jobs

Having fun, enjoying life

Chilling out with my buddies, going to parties and always in good mood, lets rock :)

Craziest thing ever done in a summer time season

At a rock concert I jumped into a wild and crazy crowd lol

Fav body part and underwear

My mouth and my boxer briefs

Music and Food

My fav band is Charlie Brown Jr

Meat all the way!


 If u weren t a model, u´d be….

A personal trainer


An unforgettable moment

When my grandpa hugged me and told me he was very proud of me

Next Chapters

I intend to focus on my international modeling career and work had to be a successful model

Here I go folks!


Iago Botelho

Mother agency; 40 Graus Models http://40grausmodels.com/novo/

Interview by Ed, the Brazilian editor


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