Rio 40º, the series: Model Hugo Issa

25 mai, 2013

Thanks for having me, the pleasure is all mine!

I´m Hugo Issa, born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and I enjoy life to the fullest!.  I love entrepreneurship, acting (one of my recent passions) and, of course, modeling.

And I´ve been into modeling since October/2012. I decided to become a model because it is a life full of magic, where you explore you very own qualities and talent.

Before modeling. I worked in the financial market. One day I sent a message to 40º models, then Sergio Mattos, the owner of this agency, answered me scheduling a meeting in the agency headquarters. That´s how it all began.

My first test shooting was a video-casting for a commercial. I was very very nervous, I didn´t know what to do! I was competing against much more experienced models and that gave me thrills! But everything went well.

The best thing about modeling is having the time to improve your body, mind and soul without the stress of a daily job routine. And see the results of your work in the magazines, newspapers and on the TV sometimes.

Posing to photographers: no previous preparation 

What I really like most is the sinergy between the photographers and the models, I don´t have any previous preparation, I just try to understand the proposal of the job and express it with my body and face.

The catwalks

I´m still a fresh face so I haven´t walked for any fashion designer yet

Male models x Female models

Women still rule this business for sure. We have worldwide icons like the Victoria Secrets Angels and Giselle Bündchen that have much more impact on the modeling world than any male model in the fashion industry

I think models like Gisele Bündchen will always get a huge exposure, but male models like Mark Vanderloo showed to the world that we can have our chance and who knows one day maybe we will overcome women supremacy in this business

Hugo Issa and his style

A fashionista?

I like to be well dressed, but I don´t consider myself a fashionista. Casual appeal without much color variation. My favorite style is the gallant one (tuxedo/suit).

Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd!

I would be calm and smile to all my fans while leaving slowly

Dating x Loving

I´m a good boy, not the jerk type


Surf and Tennis

Atracting somenone´s attention

I wait the perfect moment to trigger a conversation and then introduce myself

Having fun, enjoying life

I like to party and enjoy a good wine with a good company. I usually go to bars or restaurants. Sometimes in nightclubs with friends

Craziest (nastiest?) thing in a summer time season

Really can´t remember doing nothing nasty!

Fav body part and why

My face, because I think it express everything that I’m feeling

Fav underwear for daily activities and for those coooool sexy moments :)

The Polo Ralph Lauren ones for any moment

In his Ipod

Bon Jovi

Fav food

The brazilian classic: Rice, Beans, steak and french fries

If u weren´t a model ud be…

A salesman in the financial Market

Guilty pleasure

Drink a good wine before going to sleep while listening to a good classical music (like, for example,  Chopin)

The upcoming projects

I’m studying to become an actor and learning entrepreneurial skills to invest my money in new ventures that will help the world.

An unforgettable moment

My first job ever


Sic Parvis Magna in latin (means “Greatness from small beginnings”)

Full name: Hugo Araújo Abdala Issa

Agency: 40 Graus Models

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