New faces rock, the series. Episode 18: Higor Bastos

26 fev, 2011

Hello World of Models family, my name is Higor Bastos 18 years old brazilian and I was born in Juiz de Fora,  but grew up and raised in a small town called Matias Barbosa, both cities located in the state of Minas Gerais. My main aim is to be well succeeded in my career as a male model.



Actually I always enjoyed the fashion world and the performing arts. I used to talk to Sergio Mattos, the director of 40º Models through a social network and one day  he invited me to come to his agency and that´s how it was began.

My first photo shoot was amazing. I loved it and I realized that this is what I really want for my life now.

The best thing so far about my new profession is that everything is possible, just believe in your dreams and go for it!

Working with photographers: tips and geniality

What I most enjoy when posing to the lens of a photographer is their genialities and the good tips they give us.

Once I was shooting in the street and everyone was watching me. A lady approached me and asked me ifI was a famous person, and I laughed my ass off and said no.


The catwalks

Well, as I mentioned before, I´m still new in the modeling world. I haven´t walked for a big name yet, but I remember in my very first catwalk experience I was really nervous, it´s a huge adrenalin!

A fashionista? Yep, I am. I always enjoy wearing a cool jeans and a nice shirt. 

Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd! At first I´d enjoy the moment, it would be a proof that I´m becoming a good model and I still stand out among other models. Definitelly it would be a funny situation!

Show biz and the 5 most important things for his life

I like the excitement of show business, the way it is produced and the whole ‘atmosphere’ in which it´s made

5 most important things for my life
# 1 – Mother: gives me strength and support to my life
# 2 – Health: how can we live without it?
# 3 – GOD:  following HIS steps
# 4 – Friendship 
# 5 – Money:  essential for almost all

Higor by himself

Sports: I love to swim and run

Haing fun: chilling out with my buddies, beach, movies…

Fav body part and why: my mouth because I think she’s pretty haha

Fav undies for his daily activities and for those coooool sexy moments (lol!) CK is always a good option

Fav singer/song: Jack Johnson and the most played song on my iPod is I Like To Dance from Hot Chelle Rae

Fav food: rice, beans, steak and french fries

An unforgettable moment: my first time ever in the agency

Motto: “Today I can lose a battle, but tomorrow I will not lose the war!”

Full name: Higor Bastos Ribeiro

Mother agency: 40º  Models


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