Hanne Sagustuen: “I was discovered while on holiday in Rio. I started working there and my first job was at a beach outside São Paulo and in Brasilia”

17 mar, 2013

I’m from the frostbitten north of Norway where the northern lights and midnight sun are part of our everyday life!

Besides modeling I study business management online! I love to travel and meet new people.  

Brasil: where it all began

I was discovered while on holiday in Rio. I started working there and my first job was at a beach outside São Paulo and in Brasilia, The best thing about modeling is that I get to meet new people and cultures.  

Photographers, backstages and her casual classic style

I like to work with photographers I connect with, if we equally communicate well and understand each other the pictures turn out much better. I am comfortable being naked in front of the camera but I don’t do nude pictures. Some parts of my body I keep to myself.   I wouldn’t call myself a fashionista. My still is quite simple and casual yet classic. I don’t care much about brands, except when it comes to bags.   Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd!

I would probably be suprised as I don’t see this situation happening right now, but I would of course smile and be outgoing.

Male models X Female Models

I still think female models get more attention than male models. There are a lot more brands for women, resulting in more work, more models and harder competition.

I don’t have any models who inspires me. It’s more different campaigns, editorials etc that inspires me.    

Hanne´s style on

Dating X Loving  



 I like to go to the gym, run and dance  

Atracting someone´s attention  


Having fun, enjoying life  

 Going out with friends and travelling  

The craziest (nastiest?) thing in a summer time season  

Can’t tell… :)  

 Fav body part and why  

I love my hair and always gets compliments for it.  

Fav singer  

 I don’t have one favorite but I listen a lot to lounge, house music, but also indie pop and hip hop  

Fav food  

I love when my mom prepares fish and also all kinds of salads  

 Guilty pleasure  

I don’t feel guilty for any of my pleasures, hehe :)  

If you weren´t a model you´d be…  

I’d probably have my own company, mybe working as an Art Director or something  


It’s better to regret something you have done, rather than haven’t

An unforgettable moment  

I have many, skydiving in Australia among others  

Full name   – Hanne Sagustuen   Age:   – 24  

Agencies: MGM Models Hamburg http://www.mgm-models.de

Way Model http://www.waymodel.com.br