Photographer Gustavo Chams: “My style is contemporary but also contains a huge influence of the XVIII century romanticism”.

07 set, 2013

Hello! It is a great pleasure to share my story with the World of Models family!. My name is Gustavo Chams, I’m 19 years old, and I live in Santo André – SP  - Brazil.

My interest in photography started when I was 7 years old because of my father, who is a graphic director. He, taught me how to use photoshop to color all my draws. And I just liked to do that, even it was only for fun, so I started to study it.

Years later, when I turned 14, I was hired to work as retoucher and designer for a photography lab, where I met some great photographers that became my teachers.

Actually I just have realized that I was born to shoot fashion at my first fashion week. My style is contemporary but also contains a huge influence of  the XVIII century romanticism.

Some of my major references on photography are Richard Avedon, Annie Leibovitz, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Julia Margaret Cameron, Diane Arbus and Sebastião Salgado.But also some painters Waterhouse, like Caravaggio, Rembrandt and William Blake.

The digital era on fashion photography: agility and body language

I’m a big fan of the analogical photography, and there are a few types of treatment that can’t be done in digital. But the fashion market requires agility,  and more than this, if the model uses a bad body language in the photo with a fabulous expression, and in the next photo, they use a incredible body language  and they blink, we lost both photos. With the digital cameras, we can check and ask the model to do the same pose again with the correct expression.

In analogical the model could think that he/she got a wonderful pic and after the chemical process, it reveals that the work has ruined.

The fashion industry and the worldwide economic crisis

In a global scenario of post crisis it is possible to see a great opportunity for those who can stay strong in the market. This might help them to grow up as the new generation on the fashion industry, not only for photographers, but also for fashion designer, stylists, etc.

Special moments making perfect pics

There are a few inexplicable magical moments when everything fits perfectly, like a big puzzle. I have one amazing team that do an amazing job, but sometimes it is more than that. It is like an inaudible song on the air, making everything dance in the same melody. Because of that, the editorial achieves a deep emotional meaning.

Once, I was shooting Ritchelle Procknow (JOY) and Antonio Pavelegini (Closer) in a conceptual fashion editorial. Everything was so touching and deep, that I could just droped my camera and watched them posing. It was beautiful, like they were in a play. When we are preparing an editorial, we have it all in our  minds. But when we let it flows, some magic happens and then the editorial become alive itself.

Funny/unusual backstages´ moments

Once during my first fashion week, I was on the Osklen backstage and I asked a few models if I could make beauty portraits of them for my publisher from a NY website. When I was shooting Vanessa Moreira, I was using long lens, so I didn’t see that the model beside her (Mariana Mendonça) was posing too!

When I realized, I said: “Wow, you are posing too?” and she said: “OMG, am I posing for nothing??!” Luckily, she started laughing hard and we all joined her. At least, I got this funny photo of that moment.

Cool places for a shooting and why

First: My studio, because it is my particular world. It Is the place where I can create anything in my own way.
Second: Ruins or simple walls. They are timeless, so it is possible to use any kind of clothes and explore any kind of conceptual work based on any century,  thus it will fit.
Third: streets, because street style is one of my favorites for modern fashion photography.
Beside those, I believe that a good photographer have the duty to make unusual places become amazing on photos, and I love that challenge!

The photographer and the models: partnership

One of the greatest rewards of being a fashion photographer is to see how the models I´ve worked with, become professionals and make a sucessful career Not only in professional life, but also as human being. When models tell me that our photoshoot had helped them to get great international contracts, it makes my day .


I’m a big poetry fan and I believe that both, image and words, are great types of art and should not be compared. The author of this phrase probably was referring to photojournalism, and in this case it fits. After all, images can be as subjective as the words

The Projects

I consider that I’ve started my career when shotting the Fashion Week shows. So, I had the opportunity to work with amazing models like Alessandra Ambrosio, Alícia Kucksman, Aline Weber and Daiane Conterato. They are incredible!

At the moment I’m working on a sequel of two fine-art nude projects. One of them questions the idealization of the beauty, sexuality and acceptation of the body with models that have skin diseases like psoriasis. The other one explores the divine part of us, combining men and mythology gods.

In fashion, I’ve just finished two editorials:

“Color Geometry”, one modern editorial with geometrical colors and “The Other side of the soul” that is an editorial about androgyny, not only by the body point of view, but also by the emotional and mental side of being an androgyny boy.

Upcoming projects in fahion will be my new conceptual project that will explore the dark side of my photography. I also made some few campaigns, I’m not allowed to explain about them now, but I think you can expect for some great shoots.

A fav moment

When one of my favorites fashion designers told me that my work is an invitation to introspection, to immerse into deep emotions. That is exactly the reason that I choose this career; to make a work that can have a deep meaning for someone, somewhere, even if I never know that.

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