Photographer Guilherme Licurgo: “I am a young photographer and my work is about passion, I love what I do, I feel what I do.To me, the most important thing is to do what you love, with love. The images just come out”

21 jul, 2011

I became a photographer two years ago, I worked as a model when I was 14 and I quit modeling when I turned 18. That time, I used to be very excited to see the set, what the photographers were doing and not only to pose to their lens.

I graduated in Law, in Rio de Janeiro and two days after my graduation party, I went into the conflict: “I don’t want to do that”,  I brought a suitcase and moved to  São Paulo, where I started working in a store. In this same shop I met a couple who owned a theater production company, I started working with them as a producer and later on I became a producer of concerts and events, invited for one of my best friends.

At that time, I was also invited to pose for Terry Richardson´s book “Rio, cidade maravilhosa”. I was completely in love with his work, and the way he works. He has a vision and an incredible humor, and even with all the sex appeal of his pictures, he is very professional, unlike many photographers who take pictures of models dressed in black tie and long dresses, but behind the scenes do not respect and use their “power” for their personal desires.

From there, I decided I would study photography. Returning to São Paulo to produce Madonna’s  concert in Brazil, I met Steven Klein, we became friends and that helped me to continue in that way.

The digital era: quality and technology?

I think digital helped in those aspects , but at the same time i think digital has made photography almost vulgar, everyone with a camera, even a cell camera, can produce good images, and improve the quality, editing in programs or  build an image using these resources.

Worldwide economic crisis on fashion photography?

We are going through a period of great changes,  we must be aware and recycle ourselves every day. Fashion photography will never die, people consume fashion, there’s a lot of money in fashion. We’re just in transition.

The special moments and shooting famous people

I am a young photographer and my work is about passion, I love what I do, I feel what I do. To me the most important thing is to do what you love, with love. The images just come out. When I feel something my camera is there to record the moment and believe me, it works very well. I also study all the time, watching people, trends, everything. Technique is very important and to get it  you need to study a lot!

There is no diference between shoot famous or anonymous people, first of all because we are all equal, and then, in a shoot, the object is a object, you have to extract the best, doesn’t  matter what or who is there.

Funny/unusual backstages moments: clicking without a memory card!

I had a shooting, one of my first jobs for a major brand, I started shooting,  was very nervous to do my best, I clicked for a full hour, without a memory card in camera. It was horrible.

Cool places for a shooting

Every single place is special to me, everything depends on the point of view and feelings, so I do not have a favorite place.


An image can be interpreted in different ways, then yes, I think a picture can says a lot, in different ways for different people.

The Projects

I am in a “tour” in Europe. I came from Rome, where I was clicking a book for a big brand, it was huge, lots of people working in this project that they called “epic”. I am really happy with this project. It will be my first book.  I clicked Elisa Sednaoui and David Kammenos. Elisa is a strong and really beautiful woman and David, a sweet guy with strong masculine traits. I was also clicking the Martha Graham Dance Company in their tour in Spain and Italy and doing a personal project that i call “Desert Flower”  with the principal dancers of the company.

The book I was shooting in Rome will be released in October, now I’m finishing in Paris, capturing new images. From here I ‘ll go to the Venice Biennale to exhibit it, then I have two pictures for ann exhibition in Slovenia. I am planing to make an exhibition about the  “Desert Flower” project in  NYC,  to raise funds for the Martha Graham Dance Company

Guilherme Licurgo, the photographer

Motto:  “Do good and be happy”
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