Athletes into the fashion world. Episode 1: Guilherme Guido!

05 jan, 2012

Hello my World of Models family, here we are again and I´m very excited for this brand new year! The Olympic games is coming soon in London and the next one will be in my country Brazil zil zil (We´ll be waiting for you in 2016 folks!).

So, I´ve decided to launch a new series, this time focuse on athletes. They are fashion editorials, catwalks, ads. They are classy, sexy and stylish! So, what´s their opinions about the fashion world and how do they feel posing to the lens of a photographer? Join us in this new series. In my edition, I interviewed one of the amazing brazilian swimmers, Guilherme Guido. Enjoy it family!

Ed, the brazilian editor

Ladies and gentlemen, there comes Guilherme!

Working with photographer Gui Paganini was a cool experience. I really wasn´t nervous at all. I just let it flows!

Believe  me folks, I use to be more nervous in a swmimming competiion lol! The pics were taken in Ana Paula Junqueira´s house in São Paulo in Jardins area. Along with me, the olympic swimmer Gabriel Mangabeira and model Talytha Pugliese.


I was born in Limeira, a very quiet brazilian city, located in the state of São Paulo. I had an amazing childhood playing soccer barefoot with my buddies in the streets and my parents still live there. I usually visit them once a month.

His impressions on fashion world

I love to swim. I would never leave swimming to become a model, but I like this world and whenever I can I try to do some fashion editorials as you guys see here. It was taken by the photographer Gui Paganini for the editorial “In the blues”, published at M&Guia mag.

A funny backstage´s moment? Yup yup. I was wearing myswimsuit in one of the photos and I had to do a weird position, and guess what? The swimsuit ripped and i had to go running to men´s room covering my body with both of my hands lol

Since I´m always training, it helps me a lot to be on shape all the time, so I didn´t need to do much previous preparation. I actually like this life style, I also have a lot of friends doing it, so it was really cool!

Show business, Fame, Success, Fans and the most important things for his life

You have to do what makes you happy. Fame and success will come if you do what you like with passion and professionalism.

Fans following my activities as a professional swimmer is a recognition of hard work, focus and as I told you before, professionalism. And it always come to my mind all those nights I had to sleep early for a hard training the next day, so I´m really grateful for all my brazilian fans! Just imagine me surrounded by a huge crowd…hmmmmmm iIwould try to get out of there without being rude asap.

5 important things in my life

Sports – I can´t live without it, even when I am in vacations. Besides swimming, I enjoy surfing
Family  – my support for everything
Friends – Can you live in this huge world without them?
Music  – Just love it! I listen music all the time
Coffee – Definitely really important for me, it makes me wake up everyday and go to the swimming pool at 6 am. lol

A fashionista?

Yup, I enjoy nice clothes, but I´m into the basics (jeans and t-shirt)

Dating X Loving


Enjoying life

Dinner with friends, traveling around the world

My top 5 cool cities




New York


Fav body part and why

Shoulder, i don’t know why. I just like it! lol

Fav underwear for daily activities and for those coooool sexy moments (lol!)

For daily activities it really doesn’t matter but in the sexy moments I like the pink ones.

In his Ipod

I like Oasis, Coldplay, Jack Johnson

Fav food


Guilty pleasure

Ice cream

An unforgettable moment

Inside the Olympic Aquatic Complex.

And talking about his life as a professional swimmer, here´s his tips for the aspiring swimmers

Don´t give up on your dreams. Live like a champion, train hard, focus and a good sleeping. Swimming is math. The more you training, the more you win!

My next important competition will be the 2012 Olympic games in London.

Cya there folks!


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