Guilherme Costa: working out, living and having a real good time as a model and photographer!

28 jan, 2012

Hey Eddie bud and the World of Models family, I´m back!.

Thanks again for allowing me to share some updates with you guys. Well, I’ve been working a lot lately, working out and taking good care of myself better than ever.

I got a new haircut, I´m in good  shape as you have noticed and I’m now increasing my book with that look so I can work in some different markets.

Since our last talk, I went to Asia and I had a real good time there working a lot for cool brands and I´m also into the photography, working on both sides – in front and behind the lens. It’s been great thanks God! And now I´m in Brazil folks.

The photographers and the naked shooting

I had the chance to work with great photographers in Asia. One of them was Nat Prakobsantisuk. I think  he is the best photographer  in Thailand and it was my best shooting so far.

So, I had to pose naked during some moments of this shooting, really body stuff. I never thought I’d be able to do something  like that, but all the staff in the studio seemed to be very professional and they were very concerned in keeping me comfortable so it wasn’t that hard for me.

I wouldn’t do it on the runway though. I won’t say I won’t ever do a shooting like that again, but if I have to do it, it has to be something really important and it will add omething valuable for my career with professionalism.
The chinese way of living!

I can tell u guys that everyday in Beijing was a surprise for us, because the chinese people and their culture/way of living can be waaaay different than ours, sometimes. I just got back from the supermarket, for example, and while I was in the  cashier, this random chinese woman started shouting to a girl about something I couldn’t understand (of course).

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Everyone was  staring at them, but, weirdly, they seemed to be just talking. I didn’t understand the whole situation, but if you’re out in the streets of China, just for a couple of minutes, I’m sure you´ll have lots of interesting and unusual stories. Even though it’s different for me, it’s fun! It was a nice experience living there. Something to remember, for sure.

The fashion world: women still rule

Women still rule in this industry. That’s for sure, but hopefully men will be able to get more attention in this industry sooner or later. As a matter of face, we’re already getting there, step by step. lol

Inspirations for his career

Well, I can name as my fav female models: Raquel, Joan Smalls. Freja Beha and Natasha Poly. Fav male model, Jon Kortajarena. For their capacity of being mutifaceted, really versatile models.


Guilherme, the photographer

I started shooting last year when I bought my first camera in Bangkok. I invited two models friends of mine and I shot them in a sunny afternoon,I just wanted to have some simple portraits, but we were looking at the pictures afterwards and imagining a whole story about it. And in the end it came out a little editorial.


Since then I´ve been shooting as a regular basis and whenever I get inspired for that. I may look at a model and, if I feel like shooting just by her/his look, I invite them and if we both agree, here we go. After I started photographing, I learnt to say no, what helps me out with both sides of my work, either as a model and also as a photographer. As I’ve heard from a the photographer Cheryl Jacobs Nicolai: “It may be difficult, but you owe it to yourself and to your clients. Say no to jobs that don’t fit you and say no to overbooking yourself. You are no good to anyone when you’re stressed and anxious.”

So far, photography has been something I mostly do for pleasure, but I do think about becoming a profesional photographer in the future and work with that, maybe as a full time job, why not? Modeling is not forever, I know. But who knows what comes out tomorrow? I shot my first editorial for a magazine this year and it’ll come out soon, so it’s just the beginning. Time will tell us.

My main photography inspirations are names like Mert & Marcus, Hedi Slimane, Camila Akrans, Patrick Demarchelier and Txema Yeste. But there’s also some upcoming photographers, (YET) not so known, from a new generation coming out around Europe and Asia and I’m being really inspired by their visions and work, as well.

The Projects

As I told you before, I´m in Brazil now for vacation, then I’ll be back overseas for working. Got some plans with
photography and interested in try out the european market this year. Would really like it, but we’ll see. I just go with the flow.;)

All best for you Eddie bud for the world of models family

Gui Costa
Contact info:

L´Equipe Agence



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