Rio 40º, the series: Model Guilherme Conte

27 jul, 2013

Hi guys, my name is Guilherme Conte.

I’m 20 years old and I’m from Blumenau, Santa Catarina. I am a down to earth guy that sometimes enjoy the silence, and sometimes the excitement.

 I also love cars and sports.

When I was 18, a friend of my mother saw a picutre of mine on my mother´s phone. She sent this pic to a friend who was a model. Then he sent it to his agent Sergio Mattos and he invited me to come to his agency in Rio de Janeiro.

I won a workshop and got signed to 40º Models. That´s how it all began

Having fun posing to photographers

I like when the photographer is humble. when he/she knows how to make a nice and fun photoshoot. Talking, knowing and telling some jokes with nice ideas too  

There’s a funny backstage´s story. Me and some other models were shooting an editorial at the beach, and we heard a noisy yelling. Then, we looked and there was an old  lady without her bra hitting a drunk beggar that was flirting her!

Guiherme´s style

I like to wear clothes that make me feel comfortable. I can say I´m a little bit casual, a sports guy style.

Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd!

I would be laughing all the time ! hahaha

The fashion industry? female models still rule?

Yep yep definitely, but men are getting more and more exposure

Any role model as an inspiration for your career?

There are so many great models to mention, but I can say Gisele Bündchen and Evandro Soldati.

Dating  x Loving

All that makes you feel special.


Anyting that pumps serious adrenaline

Atracting someone´s attention

A smile

Having fun, enjoying life

Being with my family, hanging out with some friends, relax in a quiet beach  

 Fav body part and why

My eyes, because they are blue and I see the world through them.

Fav underwear for daily activities and for those coooool sexy moments :)

Mash all the way

In his IPOD

Elvis Presley. Pink Floyd, Bon Jovi and Engenheiros do Hawaii are my favorite ones


Meat, meat, meat !

Guilty pleasure

That old good barbecue

If you weren´t a model you´d be…

A race car pilot, something that involves four wheels and a lot of speed.

Upcoming Projects

I’m studying acting right now. I want to become a great actor/model and hope to inspire and help other people that see in fashion/TV/Cinema world a future to them.

An unforgettable moment

The sunrise


Keep forever smiling and make it worth.

Full name: Guilherme Conte  Agency: 40 Graus Models

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