Photographer Greg Alexander: “Special moments happen with the perfect team, when everyone is sharing a passion and a goal: to have fun!!!”

17 out, 2012

Hi folks, join Greg Alexander´s world in this second part interview

The special moments, the special pics

Special moments happen with the perfect team, when everyone is sharing a passion and a goal: to have fun !!!!!

 When everybody is happy the perfect picture is an evidence. I hate to work in a bad mood or energy ! Most important is the team!

Working with models and pets!

I’m always very proud to discover a new face, I’m doing a lot of castings with total beginners. It’s very interesting and stimulating to start from zero with someone.

It’s always funny to work with pets. For the shoot of the cover for Shy’m we wanted “Warhol” – her chihuahua – in the pictures. The theme was “candy shop” and the dog was crazy about all this sugar. There is one picture where he is on the top of cake.

The art director had to put him on the cake for 3 seconds to have one or 2 shots and take him back before he eats anything! The poor dog had just the time to put his tong out and try to lick and he was already taken away :) We laughed a lot

Top 5 cool places for a shooting

I really like to shoot outdoors so I love beach shoots (everything that has to do with sea and water), the sun, the wind and the whole ambiance gives to the pictures something always unexpected.I see the wind as my favorite assistant. For inside shoot I loved The Love Capsule, a great bar designed by Oscar Ono ( check the video Shy’m in the love capsule), the Seven Hotel and its perfect suite ” The Sublime ( check ” I Follow Rivers ” editorial and the streets of Paris are always a perfect background.


Absolutely! Image worth all the imagination that you have nobody sees or feels the same thing about an image but the most important thing is to feel something when you look at the image!

The Upcoming Projects

Upcoming projects are to work more with actors and actresses, I have some projects coming for an exhibition in Paris and a book.

An uforgettable moment

My first cover:) It’s always something to see your work printed in a front cover!


“Quick and with a smile”

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Greg Alexander photographer

Greg, the photographer

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