Photographer Greg Alexander: ” Photograph is a kind of plastic surgery which ables to modulate a face ad infinitum!”

01 jul, 2012

As a child, i dreamed of becoming a plastic surgeon, in order to preserve the women from the ravages of time:) i started photography when i was around 14 , but I never imagined that I could be a photographer later… indeed photography was not considered like a job in my family :)

Then I studied law… I started very late in the business! During my studies I shot for 2 or 3 friends who were young fashion designers…and the pictures were published in Elle and Marie-Claire… and these magazines offered me to work for them.

Becoming a photographer, I continue my dream of perfection because the photograph is a kind of plastic surgery which ables to modulate a face ad infinitum! My  vision of the beauty : fragile, transitory, a little kitsch and inevitably fatal.

The digital era:  quality and technology

Well it’s true that digital is amazing, you can really create what you want and the quality is extraordinary BUT we are living in a too perfect world… today the clients are so used to perfection that we’ve lost this little something that was not 100% perfect but so true before digital.

Music, video clips, styling, models…

Since 2 years now I’m working more and more with the music business ( album covers ) and I started a new experience as film director, so that means video clips :) I worked 2 years with french pop star Shy’m , directing her whole image ( photo, videos, styling, together with art director Sébastien Vienne.

The current projects are 2 video clips that i’m going to do as a director for 2 new french singers.  But it’s true that my basic job is fashion photography ! Lately I worked with an amazing guy who is starting to work a lot in Paris and Milan: Julian Iannantuoni. We shot for Madame Figaro China, and I must say he’s perfect. Concerning the girls, I shot with a new face Sophie Simonin, a whole serie about Marylin , again for Madame Figaro.The first parts I look at in models face are the eyes, and the lips.   Worldwide economic

Crisis on fashion photography?

It’s true that everything is changing, the magazines don’t have the same budgets as before, because of all the online free magazines, but for me quality and creativity can not be ignored. But I’m very optimistic ! I think where is creativity there is hope ;)


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