Greets and Celebration!!!!!!

29 nov, 2011

Salve salve minha família World of Models!! Hey hey my World of Models family, hope you guys are doing great! Here we are again!

Time flies. the World of Models Organization is celebrating its first anniversary and I´m so proud to share with you guys this very special december editions with the celebration´s videos and interviews from my buddies across the world.

Through all those months I´ve been noticing 2 things that you guys have been saying as very important aspect for the life:  Family and Friendship and I definitelly agree with you. Thanks GOD, I have a terrific family who always support me in every moment of my life and friends here, there and eveywhere. I feel blessed for that. So, I´d like to thank you for all those cool moments you guys have been sharing with us.

To all my readers across the world, thanks so much for the great support too. You guys  mean a lot to me!

Thanks for your friendship. We are the World of Models family! And here we go cause 2012 is coming soon and I´m sure the best is yet to come!

Valeu galeraaaaaaaaaa!!!!


Ed, the brazilian editor

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