Glauber Bassi: “I love spicing up my photos with a little bit of sensuality and for sure the biggest influence on my life has been always my dad”

01 out, 2017

glauber naty andressa senna

I’m from a country town of Brasil named Caçapava. I was raised inside a photo studio because od my father (he was also a photographer) and one who taught me about the art of being a photographer. I started shooting at 14 years old and when I was 16 I was already signing professional shoots.


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 I love spicing up my photos with a little bit of sensuality and for sure the biggest influence on my life has been always my dad.

 Digital era on photography

I learned to photograph in film era, when all the lights had to be regulated through a photometer and any wrong move could make you loose your pics. Back then the photographer had to be very precisely and nowadays with the digital era a lot of people buy a camera and start shooting, claiming to be a professional photographer and that pisses me off.






Special moments m/aking awesome pics

There is a lot of moments like that. I love what I do and when I capture a good shoot it’s like an photograph orgasm to me J. I don’t stop working till I get a perfect pic. For me all the photos must be perfect, I have to transmit a feeling with any photo, this is my duty.

 A cool partnership

 I am a guy who doesn’t like to be in anyone’s way. I’ve been always very gifted, very helped. A lot of very cool people crossed my way and helped me out So I feel like is my duty to help when I can. I do it with pleasure and love the good vibes (always out there on the universe). If you do good you get good in return, I am a real proof of this.


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 Funny/unusual backstage´s moments

Some time ago I was shooting at Lake of Como in Italy making an editorial, there was one last photograph to be taken. I remember like it was today, the model was standing by my side wearing white when I bit a tomato and it exploded, splashing red juice in her outfit. It looked like a movie and there wasn’t even another clothes for her to wear, so I tried to make it out in the post-production, but this outfit couldn’t appear on the brand’s video for being stained with tomato juice :)

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 Top 5 cool favorite places for a shooting and why

Ibiza. I love to shoot there because I know this island like the back of my hand. I’ve been traveling to Ibiza for the last 8 years and love the natural beauty.

Greece: Unbelievable natural beauty. I love all the houses being white in that perfect scene.

London. I love to photograph there because the light is always set right, always homogeneous, there is aways a good soft light since the sun doesn’t like to shine much there.

 Milan. Love this place, is my home. I have my studio here and I know this city very well and also know everything that Milan can offers me.

Brazil. Love to shoot my models in the brazilian tropical beauty scenery.

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No doubts! A good picture is worth a thousand words and I’m aware of this. Because of that I am so dedicated to my work and I know each pic should be unique and cause feelings in who is seeing it.

Glauber in a good shape!



I was a little chubby one day, fat for real so I decided to totally change my life 9 years ago. I reeducated myself, learned how to feed and started to workout. I got in love with this fitness world and nowadays I have a balanced diet assisted by doctors, I run, I do pilates, box training, swimming, skating and have a personal trainer who helps me out every single day. I workout 7 days a week. I love doing that and I keep doing it even when I’m traveling around the world, even if I have to wake up before the sunrise to do that. Discipline is all in a man’s life.




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The Projects

I’m with a lot of projects on process, one of then called “ WE LOVE THE WORLD” along with Lucene Duarte, a fashion blogger from England. This is a very luxurious project because the blogger sells it, sells glamour and a VIP style of life. Another project is my oncoming book.

Glauber Bassi,

Wearing 44 shoesize


 Height: 1,90m


Contact info:

Interview by Ed, the brazilian editor






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