Meet the Brazilian photographer Glauber Bassi

16 jun, 2015


I’m from a small town called Caçapava in São Paulo south part. I was born and raised among photography, since my father was a photographer.





I’ve taken into his footsteps, he was my teacher, the best one. At the age of 14 I was already taking photos professionally. At 18 I started in college. By the time I finished university, I decided to go to Milan where I had a specialization degree in fashion photography at the EDI( European Design Institute)

 Digital era really helped the photographers?  

 Concerning aspects such as technology and quality, the digital era has helped a lot. In the other hand I think in several ways the art of photography has been compromised. When I started my career I used to work with cromo and everything was so different.

 To obtain a good quality photo the photographer really needed to study and learn accurate light techniques with no margin for errors at the map light, etc. 

Capturing great pics 

My greatest pleasure is to look at the camera’s display and being sure that I’ve done my best. This is exciting and challenging.

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 The funny and unusual backstages 

In all these years of work I have lived and seen all you can imagine. And I mean all. I could stay here until tomorrow telling you about the funny experiences that I have had. Believe me when I say there’s nothing at all that I had not seen already.

 Working with the models: partnership 

If I can help the model with my lenses I do it with pleasure and love. I think life itself as an exchange of favours always. Doing good no matter what.

Top 5 places for a shooting 

Ibiza, Paris, Miami, Brazil and Italy.


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Image worth a thousand words? 

Image is everything nowadays. Image is what is worth it. So, I guess it’s fair to say that Image worth more than a thousand words. 

Superpowers and Super heroes 

I would like to have the power of quitting hunger around the world. This really makes me sad. I help somehow whenever I can. This is a super power I’d like to have. My superhero is and always has been my father Osmar Bassi. My best friend, my teacher, my father. 

Yourself in 10 years 

Ten years from now I intend to live in Brazil, at the beach with my family and dogs, I want to be with my beloved ones and have quiet life.

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The Projects 

Nowadays I work between Milan, London, Paris, Ibiza, Miami and Brazil. My last photo shooting was with the Brazilian twins Marcos and Marcio Patriota. 

I have a new project for television , beautiful day with Glauber Bassi. I´ll give u guys more details soon.



Glauber Bassi

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