Meet Giuseppe Ferrante, the man behind IndependentMen Milano

10 jul, 2012

I was born in Padova, 35 km from Venice. My father  was a lawyer and I studied law as well at university.

 When I was a student I used to go on holidays to Mykonos in Greece and there I met the person who changed my life offering me a job as assistant of the booking table in a modeling agency, so I moved to Milano and I started my career in 1989.

My parents were not very happy about that, but I had the feeling I had to take that train because I felt this job would have been my life.

The man behind a cool agency!

I started my own agency IndependentMen in September 2009 after 20 years of experience in other agencies. It was time to do my own story and the name Independent Men came  in my mind because an agency specialized in the Male Models world and totally independent from the world´s female modeling was something really special and strong to start with -Independent now, after less then 3 years from its opening,  it’s one of the best male model agencies in the world, with a team of 6 bookers working on all sections of our market serving the best and most prestigious clients in the fashion industry such as Prada, Gucci, Dolce& Gabbana, Armani, Burberry, Jil Sander and many many others.

The fashion world, a glamorous world?

Of course, all about fashion industry is glamour and luxury

The male models into the fashion world.

It´s really fantastic how male models are doing great!. The system gives the possibility now to build up top models very fast and gives many possibilities to the new models to rise the top of the ranking in a short amount of time. See for exempla our top model Simone Nobili, who became #20 in the ranking of the top guys in the world in just 1 year of an amazing career!

Male models X Female models: who rules?

It will never happen that male models get more money and more exposure then  female models. The money in the industry is basically invested on the female world of fashion and cosmetics and there is a difference statistic  of income of 6 to 1 in favor to the fashion women’s world, cosmetics, lingerie, and ads in general.

IN and OUT on fashion trends

Nowadays. It’s “in” to wear shoes that have nothing to do with the rest of the look, it’s “out” to wear flip flops with shorts

Ups and downside on a modeling career

Upside is traveling a lot, get in contact with many different cultures, doing a job that doesn’t have a routine, the downside is not having a fix salary every month,  competition being very strong, and  families being usually against the decision of their son to become a model.

Worldwide economic crisis on fashion business?

Fashion industry has been always very influenced and inspired from the historical and economical events of the society. In these last few years of recession the crisis has really put some order, cleaned many situations and made a natural selection of the stronger ones. It’s hard to say that, but the weak ones surrended to the situation.

Milano fashion industry and modeling business are really very strong and our market is always super busy, Models have been working well here, so we work harder and try not to loose the positions.

Tips for a guy interested to become a model

Contact us!!

An unforgettable moment

August 1st

Places he goes for fun

Noto – Sicily

The IndependentMen models: they rock!!!!

Simone Nobili, Jacke Shortall, Andrea Bellisario, Cristian Grib, Rodrigo Braga, Niklas Kingo, Bruno Cabrerizo, Ricardo Dal Moro, johnny Harrington, Laurin Krausz, Maximiliano Patanè, RaFA Bogdar, Raphael Lacchine, Recep, Taylor Cowan, Tristan Burnett just to name a few!

Giuseppe Ferrante


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