Giuliano Meneghin, some highlights of his modeling career

17 ago, 2014

He got a long hair now and ready to do his best for the upcoming modeling projects. And, of course, he is back to World of Models family to share his latest pics and cool stories on this amazing industry. So, make you guys comfortable and enjoy this ride!


Modeling, Funny Backstages´moments, Working out, Super power and much more




Jerby Tebelin  (5)

Thank you so much World of Models family, it´s always a pleasure to share my moments with you guys!

 I did some nice jobs, but those who were most special ones were those for H&M, Ermenegildo Zegna suit,  Nivea, Hermes, Lanvin Paris and several other ones. All those jobs were very important for my modeling career and also formy professional growth.

 Funny and unusual backstages´ moments? Hmmm, we always have fun when we models are together making jokes, so this way we have a real good time. That´s the way it is!

Campanha Ermenegildo Zegna (2)



Manny Fontanilla (3)

Manny Fontanilla (2)

Mendelson Villanueva Serrano (1) 

 Walking down the catwalk….. I just think on never give up what I want. 

Concerning the brazilian fashion market, I really can´t say about it cause I´ve been away since 2012. I´ve already worked in some countries in Europe and Asia. So far so good! 

Working out….Whenever I have a spare a time I like to work it out, swim, run, but i don’t do any diet. All my family is skinny, so I think I have a good genetics :)

Myk Yco (6)

Manny Fontanilla (4) 


Myk Yco (2)

Myk Yco (3)

Myk Yco (7)

Fav booking so far and why - For me all of them are specials, of course we have some that we liked more and I´m grateful for them

 Atracting someone´s attention…. Just being myself

Yukie Sarto (1)

Santy Calalay (2)

Santy Calalay (3)

Manny Fontanilla (5)



Manny Fontanilla (7)

 A fav superhero and a superpower on your mind….. 

I´d like to be able to help all those in need, and my biggest super hero is myself, dealing with so many difficulties I’ve gone through in my life. I keep myself focused and always moving forward. 

The earliest childhood memory…..- the good moments with my family and friends. 

Nickname in school…. – Family and friends use to call me Maninho.

Manny Fontanilla (6)

Campanha H&M

Santy Calalay (1)

Yukie Sarto (3)

Yukie Sarto (2)

Yukie Sarto (4)

Myk Yco (4)

Yourself in 10 years….. -honestly I don’t know, so many things in our lives can change so fast

Next chapters….. just working hard and giving my best ever.






 And thank you again to this great family! And stay tuned folks for my next steps in this terrific industry. See you guys soon!



Giuliano Meneghin

Facebook page 

Interview by Ed, the brazilian editor


Modeling pics by the following photographers 

Rxandy Capinpin 

Ricci Calzado 

Jerby Tebelin 

Manny Fontanilla 

  Mendelson Villanueva Serrano

 Myk Yco 

Santy Calalay 

Yukie Sarto

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