Gerrad Bohl: “Some memorable shoots in my port are for Vogue Italia, Harley Davidson, and Blake Magazine”

28 dez, 2016


Hello World of Models family, tks for having me. it’s a pleasure!


I never considered modeling until a producer I worked with on a theatrical project suggested I look into it seriously. He recommended a few agencies, I submitted some photos, but didn’t find a match for a very long time. Until the right agency did come along, I just kept doing test shoots, built a portfolio, and tried to keep myself open to opportunities.

What I enjoy most about modeling now is the story telling, sort of like silent acting. Sometimes the story is light and silly, and sometimes it’s serious, or dark and mysterious, but it’s always fun for me and I really enjoy men’s fashion.










Posing to photographers

 Sometimes I have special preparations for shoots depending on the theme. I might do a few extra workouts if shooting  physique or underwear, but for fashion shoots, I usually keep to my regular diet and exercise routines.

Some memorable shoots in my port are for Vogue Italia, Harley Davidson, and Blake Magazine. Each one was super fun, and I got to work with great people.










Male models x Female models


I think female models still rule the industry. They certainly did in the 90′s. With the advent of social media platforms and online publications we are seeing many more male faces than we have in the past, which is awesome, and men’s fashion is becoming increasingly more important as men become more attentive to their appearance.










That shift is creating a higher demand for male models, but we still are behind the demands of the female market.

I admire Aiden Brady (formerly Shaw), his work is so graceful and elegant. I also enjoy the work of Henrik Fallenius, RJ Rogenski, and Carmen Dell’Orefice.

Gerrad´s style



My every day clothes are comfortable, but not sloppy, I like looking proper and tidy.

Having fun, enjoying life

I love spending holidays with family and friends, I like baking and entertaining.


Fav body part and underwear

My favorite body parts are my hands, they do so much for me. And my favorite underwear brand is Armani.

On show business

I think show business is great fun, it has to be, for me anyway, that’s why I do it. If the time comes when it’s no longer fun then I’d bow out.

Music, Food and Literature

Ellie Goulding, Gwen Stefani, and Atlas are some musicians in my playlist, I also enjoy Gregorian Chant.

Favorite foods include: homemade cookies, matcha green tea, bran muffins and avocados, and sushi.

I enjoy reading works by Leo Tolstoy and Charles Dickens, they not only write beautiful pros, but they are strong philosophical thinkers as well.



Gerrad Bohl by Ted Sun (



When u´ll come to my world?

I love to travel and I am more drawn to snowy, wet, wintery environments rather than tropical. I don’t like being constantly hot lol,  but I can’t wait to visit Brazil sometime and say ‘hi’ in person!

Next Chapters

I’m attending Columbia University in New York, working towards law school. I have a couple shoots lined up after winter break, and intend to keep modeling while in school.

 Thanks for the opportunity Ed, always a pleasure!

Gerrad Bohl


Height:   180 

Shoes   43,5 



Waist   76

Suit size   46

Eye Colour   Blue


Mother Agency :  

Interview by Ed, the brazilian editor