George Brown: “Keys to success, well, if your lucky to be scouted by me,it will be a cake walk lol”

12 mar, 2011

He is one of the scouters at Red Model Management NY, one of the most prestigious american modeling agencies and in this exclusive interview for World of Models, he shares his thoughts about the fashion world! 

The Red models





I was born in the suburbs of Kingston, Jamaica in a small but beautiful mountain town call Stony Hill. I consider myself Black or Afro American but my great grandfather was Irish and   my great grandmother was Indian.  I love dogs and all animals in general and I love the outdoors and nature.  I’m always fascinated by new discoveries in any fields and I love history.

Red model Josh Kloss pictured above at Katy Perry´s teenage Dream

Josh with Kim Kardashian’s SKECHERS Super Bowl Commercial


Mavrick and a non-conformist

The fashion world is indeed a world.  I consider myself a mavrick and a non-conformist but recently I have been muzzled.  I think most of the really great  creative people in fashion are now dead and the ones that are left just stand around and look at each other.   The brand new models that could be great aren’t booked consistently enough to reach their full potential.   We have no real recognizable new star in women or men.  There is no Glam for me in fashion, I’m just doing a job. It’s a labor of love for me.

Worldwide economic crisis on the fashion business?

It’s a totally different reality.  The rates are way below what they were and the frequency of jobs have slowed.  There are still many boys making six figures though.

IN and OUT on fashion trends

I think it’s all about bold colors in all shapes and stripes.   I live for those Prada sweaters with the rings of bold colors around the neck and shoulders.  They appeared on the runways in the recent collection in Milan


Working with the models and the keys of the success

Well, if your lucky to be scouted by me it will be a cake walk lol.I think the great models learn quickly how to become and play many characters.  The models that fail are usually the ones that are stuck on being themselves.  They usually say dumb things like “that’s just not me” or “that’s not my style”   Models with that sort of personalities are all destined to fail.

The successful models can take on the character of the clothes they are assigned to wear at shoots.  They can easily emote and follow instructions.  They see modeling as a skill and take great pride in learning all they can. I currently represent a very famous male model who got on the floor in a magazine store to practice a pose he had just seen in a magazine. The great models will put forth that kind of effort.  The pretenders will fail in six months to a year.

Find an agent that really likes you and believes in your look and overall marketability.  If your agent can’t stand you or your personality, you will not get his best efforts.  This is not a business where a new model will always do well on attributes.   In most cases, your agent will have to push, beg and call in favors sometimes to get you seen or booked.  This sort of effort you will not get from an agent who doesn’t think much of you.


An unforgettable moment: Scouting my first superstar model Stan Jouk, I was shaking with excitement when he told me he didn’t know what I meant when I asked him “are you already with an agency”

Stan pictured here!

Places George goes for fun:  I love the movies, especially a good indie flick.
Motto: If it isn’t already broken…..break it.  I hate rules!!

And  when you´ll come to my world David?  One fine day for sure :)

Contact info: Red Model Management NY

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