Gaspar Jorge on his fav modeling moment: “A work for CBS in a tv show where I was able to see and learn how LL Cool J, Terry Crews, John Legend and Steve Wonder work and see how they act in front of camera”

22 out, 2016

What’s up World of Models?


It’s a pleasure for me to be here!

I´m Jorge Andre Ignacio dos Santos Gaspar and my stage name is only Gaspar.


I was born in Rio de Janeiro but I grew up in Osasco (Sao Paulo). I am an International model, graduated in Marketing and Advertising.


My vision for myself is to be a successful actor and a PHD in Business with focus in Fashion and Entertainment.

Modeling: how did all begin

It is a funny story. I started it because of my sister (she is beautiful and supposed  to be a model), but at the same appointment the agent asked me to take a chance and try to be a model. With 16 years old I was invited by a businessman and a model to go to a Magazine audition called Raça Brasil, when I got there were beautiful black models (some of them famous ones and some of them not). 






I fell in Love with this business and one of the famous model became a friend of mine  and taught me everything about this market. I am thankful for Victor Custodio and Ubirajara because they were very important for my career.

After that I made some good and small jobs until I found Ademir Carvalho and Closer Models which helped me to build my career professionally and internationally. From that point I became not only a model but an artist that career for everything around modeling and acting.

I spent the first 2 years of  my modeling career going to auditions and not receiving any job at all. So, finally in 2008 I made an editorial for Raça magazine in two editions. I was nervous but it all went well. And since then I´ve been doing good!

The best thing about modeling  comes from my family and friend´s support and meeting such different people and cultures from all around World, and. of course, the money is pretty good lol.




Posing to photographers

I really enjoy working with  a photographer that knows what is the focus  of the job and let the model be comfourtable and free to make poses to achieve that result.

My previous preparation starts a day before the photoshooting, taking care of my skin, body and knowing how this particular photographer works. I try to be focused, relaxed and have some fun.

About being naked,  yes I am comfortable, of course depending how professional is the job. At my first photoshoot naked  for an exposition in Paris I was kind of nervous, thinking about how to do a good job and to be relaxed. The  photographer (a woman) came to me and said   “Hi Gaspar, you look great, perfect! Take off your clothes”. My reaction was “say what? . At the same moment the model next to me was taking off her clothes so fast and that was kind of crazy, but made me comfortable during the photoshoot 

The catwalks´ experiences




My latest experience  was at Los Angeles fashion week.  I was booked to work for Ivan Gunawan from Indonesia. Unfortunately I couldn’t make it to fitting because I had another job at exactly same day, so I basically lost the fitting and the designer cut me off from the show.  But, one of the directors understood my situation and asked me to go to the show and see the rehearsal.

At the day of the show, I prayed about it and stepped in faith, my lovely girlfriend gave me a ride and I arrived there on time. I was quiet, watching the rehearsal like I was about to do the show but the designer already replaced me for another model, but one of the models arrived late and guess what, who took his outfit, yeap ME! Not only one outfit but two outfits. I am thankful for Landra and Ivan for giving me this opportunity.

Before the show I always talk to God because naturally I start to get nervous but I realize how calm and encouraged I become and I talk to Him.


Male models x Female models

Unfourtunatly we will never be able to compete with the exposure the female models have because of the market but we are getting our exposure around the world and big opportunities nowadays.

Definitely my favorite models are Tyson Beckford and Naomi Campblel.

I don’t consider myself a fashionista but I definitely enjoy to dress well independently if it’s a trendy or not I like to know what goes well with my body, my skin and my personality. I love to wear suits, it is my hobby and gym outfits  lol

Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd!


First, I´d freaked out lol, but I´d tried to make them calm and give everyone´s attention,  making fun of the situation with a lot selfies and autographs.

On show biz

Today the show business is very focused on social media, which is a challenge for me to keep uploading pictures and videos all the time but I definitely can see how directors and Stilish are looking to social media profiles to find the new face or their campaign model.

As a brazilian black model I always go to look at Tyson and Naomi, but nowadays we have the David Agbodji, which achieved nice campaigns and Gisele Bundchen.




Dating X Loving: Romantic, Fun and very passionate

Sports: Baskteball and soccer

Superpowers and superheroes

My super power would be listen other people´s thoughts.

 Hulk is one my fav ones

Dumbest think you’ve ever heard a model say

Model just need to be hadsome/beautiful to work lol for me is the dumbest thing ever

 Atracting someone´s attention

Being polite and fun but at same time with that eye to eye look


Having fun, enjoying life

I enjoy some adrenaline and things that I never did before so I am planning to do sky dive

Fav body part and why

My Eyes because I believe is exotic for a black man

Fav underwear for all moments

I am a classic man, so I am going with my Calvins but  for a special Day,  a white one

Music, Food and a guilty pleasure

I always listen Steve Wonder and Earth Wind and Fire, but lately I´ve been  listening  Justin Timberlake, Lacrea

Italian and grazilian foods my all time favorites and Pizza is my guilty pleasure.


Nickname at school

Kannu – it was a nigerian soccer player

Fav booking so far and why

A work for CBS in a tv show where I was able to see and learn how LL Cool J, Terry Crews, John Legend and Steve Wonder work and see how they act in front of camera.

And If you weren´t a model?

I would be a full time Marketing executive.



An unforgettable moment

Work with LL Cool J, Terry Crews, John Legend and Steve Wonder.

Yourself in 10 years

Working in a well known tv show, open my second business and married with one baby.

Next Chapters


  I am planning to be In NY for next season and Europe. Acting classes and some new projects that it will be a surprise for everybody.

Motto: “Work in silence and let the Success makes the Noise”

Gaspar Jorge, 26 years old


shoesize: 12


Height: 6’2

Weight: 167

Mother agency: Closer Models Management

Interview by Ed, the braziliane ditor



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