Meet model Gabriella Pontes from MGM Models

12 abr, 2013

Hello,  I´m Gabriela Pontes, 20 years, brazilian model.

I love my job and I really have fun doing that.

When I was 12 years old, people used to ask me if I was a model. Then I got interested in fashion world. My first job was a casting for a mall in Brazil. The result? I got a contract in USA and that was how it all began.

The best thing about modeling is to make a lot of friends and travel all over the world.

Working with photographers: fun

I like funny people, it makes me comfortable. I like to move a lot and fast so the photographer needs to catch the best from me (haha). I’m really involved with the camera, it doesn’t matter what I’m wearing on how many people is inside the studio watching.

The catwalks

When u are in the backstages, lots of things happen at same time, it´s a huge adrenalin! The shoes don’t fit well and you just have to walk through (no stop!). I´ve walked for CK.

Male models X Female Models

I see a lot of male models doing really good now, it’s really nice, but women still have more opportunities I think.

My fav models are Sean Opry and Candice. This girl really inspires me to work out! :)

A fashionista?

I definitely love comfortable clothes when I’m not modeling. When I travel. I love tennis shoes, hawaianas (summer!) and cool stuffy colors!

Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd!

Well, I would be excited to be a famous model! But I really don’t know what I would do in this situation, maybe just smile and be nice?

Dating X Loving

I’m in a serious relationship now, we live together and he gives me all the support I need in my career.

I love being health and practice sports.


Gym all the way, I love work it out!

Atracting someone´s attention

Make them laugh, People need it. :)

Having fun, enjoying life

Go to the parks, long boarding, beach and swim. I just love happy people around me.

Craziest (nastiest?) thing in a summer time season

That’s a secret :)

Fav body part and why

I think my eyes. I can express everything through them

In her Ipod

Pearl Jam. And I also hear my songs a lot. haha :)

Fav food

Corn cake made by grandma.

Guilty pleasure

Eat chocolate and some “fat Brazilian stuff”

If you weren´t a model you´d be…

Occupational therapist ( I´ve started it in the university)

An unforgettable moment

When I saw one of my idols really close to me: Di Caprio


Enjoy life doing things you think is correct for you and for your goals.

Gabriella Maia Pontes


MGM Models

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