New faces rock, Episode 70: Frederik Meijnen

26 jun, 2013

Hello, my name is Frederik Meijnen, 22 years old and son off Vivianne Hoeyberghs and Roger Meijnen.

My mother graduated from  art school and then followed a career in printed matter. She’s a very colourfull and creative person. She often amazed me  with her sketches and ideas. The blonde hair I got from my mother if you wanna know.

My dad now works at the greenservice of the local goverement but graduated as an sports teacher which he used to teach alot.  Always active and energetic he thaught me principles how to swim and train, showed me the beaty of nature and handwork.

I live at home with 3 brothers who are all older then me (Marnik 22, Fillip 28, Dominique 30) and a little baby sister  Rebecca age 21 and we all share the respect and love for animals. Living in a small village typicaly there will be a lot of  nature and so is the case here, surrounded by trees I find my nearest neighbor 300 meters away. So the woods are like a  giant playground for me and my dogs.

My interests mainly go into B boying,  which has been my passion since my 19th when I was taught by B boy Aurara (Fabrizio  Ginissi). I was amazed at that legwork the way he rocked the beat. I never saw anyone dance like that. Just enjoying the  sounds and expressing them through your own mind, your own style your own moves. From then on my culture started to grow, so  much it’s almost like Hip Hop became a second mother to me and showed me how people today still have love for each other even  if they don’t know each other.

I also exercise freestyle basketball,  beatboxing, mountain biking, kayaking, surfing and I like to practise with my long bow. Adventuring is what I like to do  most! Besides playtime I teach about 40 Kids how to dance 3 times a week also me and others cooperate with the local  authority to host events or actions to get the youth together and outdoors and make something of there dreams as a singer or   graffiti artist or Deejay etc. by doing it on a wall or for a crowd or just having a really good time seeing and hearing  beautiful things.

Modeling; Prada, Vogue, Topman….

In January 2012 I was spotted on the streets of Antwerp when I was shopping there with my girlfriend and friend. I suddenly   was approached by a fellow named JD. He asked me if I was interested in modeling? After a little shock I didn’t really know   what to say and my friends said ‘hey man just give it a try’. So I thougt why not? After 5 years of contruction work it might   be good to see on other side of life.

So then I was very busy working during the week while also training and combining   modeling. The first test shoot I did with Ruben Thomas in Brussels just after that I went off to Milan to do the Prada show,   which was my first real experience with high fashion. Since then I did Calvin klein shot for magazines Arena homme +, Elle, Vogue,   Topman (UK) where I met some really interesting and skilled individuals. Saw awesome scenery and especially how they   make magic for people to see.

The best thing for me is definitely traveling across the globe seeing beautiful scenery and   different nature, meeting other people. making new connections and friends. Think it’s the most awesome job in the world!

Posing to photographers

When I work with a photographer I take it serious, but I also appreciate a little humor to balance things out. If I’m at the  set, I try to imagine what´s on photographer´s mind, along with the stylist,  to get the best result,

The catwalks, the funny backstages

 When I´m walking I think of something I´m proud of,  so I can walk with confidence.

Once, just  after the show, me and a couple of other models took an elevator downstairs and this was   our first non press moment and everybody was quiet.  Then a model said: Damn, that was better then sex!  And somebody replied: I   don’t know what kind of sex you have, but uhm no! And everbody in the elevator laughed. 

As I told u previously, I´ve walked for Prada (my first catwalk ever).   I got dressed  some awesome clothes. I´ve also walked for   Olivier Rizzo (he got a  really cool style of his own and he’s such a nice guy).  I’m not saying that
because he’s from the same country as me. He really does a perfect outfit to fit the model. And Muccia Prada has build up  so much. She can be proud of herself. A lot of respect to these people!

Male models x Female models: who rule this business?

Women definitely rule this business, because women are the main consumer of fashion,  beauty care products and magazines.

 I really don’t have any modeling idols. To be honest, just a lot of respect to people who can pull this off.

Frederik´s style

When I’m not modeling,  you’ll probably find me with some sneakers, jeans or trainers, t-shirt, a cap and if the laundry is  all done. I’ll maybe match some items, but don’t expect to much from me.

Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd!

If I would find myself for a big crowd I would just begin breakin the floor like a mad man then they at least would have some   entertainment

Atracting someone´s attention

If I wanna attract someone’s attention I´d start a conversation with them

Having fun, enjoying life

My way to have fun is to let things come as they are and enjoy every moment to the fullest and here a lot of instruments

Craziest thing in a summer time season

The craziest thing I did in the summer was using a skateboard without wheels tied to my feet to glide down a hill besides a   freeway

Fav underwear for daily activities and for those cool sexy moments :)

 With my batman underwear on, you better not step in my way

In his IPOD

  My fav artist is KRS-ONE, without a doubt, the most intelligent hardcore and truthfull MC who, still after all these years,  keeps inspiring a new generation with his unquestionable wisdom. KRS for president! And James Brown, who invented the word   Flavour.

If you could have a super power what would it be? Who’s your favorite superhero?

If I had a super power, it would be to fly. My fav hero is Iron man.

Fav food

  My fav food is scampi’s with my mom’s special home made vegetable sauce.

Guilty pleasure

  It is sometimes buying new equipment I don’t need immediately

If u weren´t a model, u´d be…

 I´d be dancing on the construction yard!

The Modeling projects

   For now, I’m looking out to go to Asia for the fashion week cuz I quit my job as electrician to become a full model


  Live free. keep positive and never give up! Ever!!

And when u´ll come to my world bud?  

 I’m coming to your world when you finish setting up the dance jam on the streets of Rio de Janero. So i hope that’s soon.  Wish me luck ;)

Frederik Meijnen

Mother Agency: Ulla Models