Meet Fraser Barke, from Q Management!

13 ago, 2011

I’m from West Vancouver, British Columbia, one of the most beautiful cities in the world!

You can go from the ocean to the top of the mountain in less than half an hour in the area I live in.

I have a passion for hockey (playing more so than watching) and a lot of other sports.

My first test shoot was actually part of the competition win for a local magazine that was really fun! I got to wear amazing clothes and had a cool mo-hawk haircut.

So far, the best thing would have to be the traveling. I am going to Germany and Italy soon, and I have never been! It’s very exciting to travel to all these countries and cities and live there

A fashionista?

I am usually running back and forth to the gym, so I am always prepared to have a good work out!

In his IPOD

Anything I can run too!

Contact info:  Q Management