Francesco Brunetti: “I love the possibility that my job allows me for meeting new people every day, It is always an exciting journey!”

28 set, 2014


Ciao World of Models Family!!! it’s a great pleasure have the possibility to tell you about me.

I was born on 4th December 1992 under Zodiacal sign of Sagittarius, and the main characteristic that i taken is the passion for the risk, be adventurer, try new experiences and be free for travel.


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I come from San Costanzo, a village in the first hill close to Fano in the Adriatic Coast, where i know everybody and everybody know each others, where the life is quite and where my Family is in contact with the nature!

By character i’m extrovert and a bit touchy because i’m very sensible, I face every situation with calm. I’m optimist, which is a good card for be positive and never give up, but i’m also rational because I don’t like to fantasize.

I’m usually cheerful, I help and I give suggestions to the others because I love feeling me useful and I like very much be friendly with everybody.

I practice lot of training  for my health, to feel myself better, and for feeding the masculine image which reflects my character.

Modeling: how did all begin

582 dd

I was discovered by Vito Nicola Giordano,  a famous italian scouter, fixing appointments for me in some milan’s agencies, but I went only in one of them cause the head booker decided to take me quickly. This agency was Fashion Model Management and it’s still my mother agency in the world!

But I decided to be a model when I was 16 and before fashion I was working in Collection Model, an agency in Bologna near home, where I went with my dad (he also introduced to that agency). It was a short collaboration for 3 months because I decided to move to Milan,  the main Italy fashion market and one of the best around the  world!

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I love the possibility that my job allows me for meeting new people every day, It is always an exciting journey!

The shootings with the photographers: an amazing experience

My first test shooting was with Alvaro Beamud Cortes, a famous spanish photographer who did very good shoots! After the shooting I remember he told me I had big possibilities to become a top model I was 17 years that time and I was impressed  and very happy to hear that.

When i arrive on a set I always introduce myself to everybody, and I start conversations with them to create a cool moment with the team. I do my best and as a result we have a great job!

My previous preparation include a good look at the mirror doing facial expressions.  When I take off my clothes for body shoots I become a master of myself and I’m more confident and proud of myself in front of the camera. It’s a result of training and sweating. Most of the photographers that book me for a shooting, want to take closes on my body! i’m happy to be in a good shape without being big,

The catwalks


(2)ERMANNO SCERVINO giugno 2010

When I  went to Milan Fashion Week for castings I took different presentations for Guess, Mason’s, Jeckerson, Trussardi and 2 big shows, one for Emporio Armani and the other one for Ermanno Scervino, all of them in just one week.

Armani  was my first show ever! I was 17  and a very excited guy and  shocked by the adrenaline and chaos in the backstage. When I walked down the catwalk there were lots of lights on me and I thought: “Shit! where is the end?”. One minute before I need to dance for releasing tension and then during the catwalk I’m focused on making a strong impression, walking with lot of energy and paying attention to every detail.

 armani job

boys freezed

 Days later of the show I saw my name and pictures in different newspaper articles, and my family  was really happy to see my success.

During the IT class in my school´s last year I also discovered  some of my pictures published in fashion websites and I received the cool compliments from my classmates. We had lots fo fun!

The fashion industry: women still rule

Yup, of course. The female fashion market is stronger than the men´s market. In fact it was created for women.

I don´t have any role model who inspired me because when I started it I was just focused on  money and I´ve been learning slowly to put passion above all.

Francesco´s style

I’m not a Fashionista, I only wear what I like taking a cue from somebody in the real or in the movies.

Usually I don’t spend a lot of money in clothes, but in leather jackets, winter jackets, elegant suits, sweaters and jeans I might  spend more money cause they are things that I spend a lot of times to have a good look during my job.

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Sometimes I go out to make shopping every time in the same stores if they sell good things, or I choose to buy things from the brands  which I´ve already  worked.

When I’m not working as a model,  I usually   go to the gym wearing sportive clothes, then when I’m at home I usually stay shirtless or just with  underwear.

Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd!

I think I´d probably  smile looking to everybody, and then rising my hand to the chest height opening the little finger and the thumb, I would say “YEAAH!” :)

On show biz

Show Business is weird in my opinion, there’s a lot of work and it is stressful


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Fav body part and underwear

My abs and my fav underwears are the briefs, comfortable and sexy

Having fun, enjoying life

Chilling out with my buddies, enjoying cool moments with my family and learning new cultures around the world

Food and Music

I like too many different kinds of food, fresh fish, red meat, greek salad, fruits, and obviously, as a good Italian guy, Pasta and Pizza

My favorite band is Red Hot Chili Peppers. I remember  one time I listened “By the Way” at my cousin´s home when I was a kid, without knowing the title of the song. Then when I grew up I heard that song again I realized that it was the same music from my childhood! I also went to their concert in Milan, it was amazing!  But i like different bands and singers, with different musics´ styles.

Sean Watters (1)

Super powers and superheroes

I don´t have a fav superhero but sometimes I think about the Immortality and have lots of power that will allow me to do what I want, and nobody can stop me. Crazy!!  :)


During my childhood years my cousin used to call me “Passòn” because I was very tall, and he compared me to the pole that hold up the grapevine. Nowadays  all my friends in my village call me Passone, everybody there have different nicknames! It’s a normal thing.

Michele (2) 

If you weren´t a model, u´d be…

I´d be in the Army


Upcoming Projects

Improving my English with professional English classes and maybe I´ll try to study Acting too

Thanks for having me World of Models family. It was a pleasure and stay tuned for my upcoming fashion campaigns.


 Francesco´s modeling agencies

The Fashion Model Management 

One Management 

Interview by Ed, the brazilian editor




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