Meet the “carioca” Felipe Roque!

19 out, 2011

Surfer, model, actor. the “carioca” Felipe Roque enjoys life to the fullest. He lived during 6 months in Milan and he was the first brazilian male model with a exclusive contract to D&G. Enough? Nooooooo. He was one of the participants of a brazilian popular reality show “Viagem sem fim”. (Check it out


When I invited him for an interview he answered me “Sure sure, let´s do it ED”! and I asked him to take the famous “World of Models rocks!” pic. He just answered me “Cool. I´ll get a very unique and creative pic for the World of Models family!”. And he really did. soooooo coooooooooooooool. Ladies and gentlemen, here´s the exclusive World of Models rocks pic for your eyes only! Thanks Felipe, you rockkkkkkkkkk!!!!

 Hi, my name is Felipe and I am a model. That’s it. Just kidding lol.

I am also in college studying engineering. I am a professional actor, and I hope that someday I could make some good money with it. I was born in Rio de Janeiro and I really love this city, I love surfing and skating, but I have never been to Califórnia yet, I want to find myself over there. My focus now is living in Cali for a while and then work hard as an actor.

I became a model when I was a child, when my other worked at a magazine. When i turned 18 years old, I looked for an agency and made a book, cause everybody used to tell me that I nad “the look”.

My first casting was really fun. It was for a show in a mall and it was also my first time on the catwalk.  I got the job and it was amazing.

Working with the photographers

I love to work with photographers that don´t take too long choosing the best light and focus. … I have never posed naked, but i would if i liked the propose, of course for a good money.

The catwalks

I really like Domenico Dolce, I have worked with him for 6 months, almost every day. He is a genius. So, I think the show of D&G was the best ever. But also it was really nice working with the twins in Dsquared and I have walked for  Cavalli too.

In Brazil I am used to walk for Blue Man (they rock!!!), the best beach wear ever and Reserva. The best part of a show is the backstage, it´s always so fun.

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A fashionista

Nope, I´m a basic-street-wear-guy. I am always ready to get on my skate board.

Imagine u a famou model/actor surrounded by a huge crowd!

I´d talk to everyone. I´m just like like everyone else. Probably, I´d make new friends. I am the kind of guy that talks to everybody in the neighborhood.

Fame, Success, Show business, most important things for his life

For me success is to make money with what you love to do. Fame is the result of a good job. Show business is where I see myself in the future. Lol. I want to make part of this.

Most important things for me?
Peace, Love, Family, Health and no hunger anymore in this world. The world will be a better place to live.

Love X Dating

I am a romantic guy, love always.


Surfing, skating and soccer.

Atracting someone´s attention

Looking into the beholder´s eyes.

Having fun and enjoying life

Going to the beach, for surfing or to a hill to sk8.

Fav band

Sublime , thats my favorite band.

Fav food

My grandma’s, for sure!

Fav underwear for daily activities and for those coooool sexy moment lol!

I do not use underwear. ;)

An unforgettable moment

Metropol´s catwalk.

Full name: Felipe Roque de Moraes, 24 years old

Mother agency 40ºModels

Thanks a lot. See ya folks!

Some pics posted in this interview by photographer Didio

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