Baixada Santista rocks, the series: the twin brothers Felipe and Fabrício Leite

16 set, 2012

Fabrício (l) and Felipe (r)

Felipe: Hi, folks, I´m Felipe Leite, 19 years old and I love fashion shows. I live in Santos, Brazil, a beautiful city with a wonderful beach. I´ve been working here and hopefully become an international model

Fabrício: Hello everyone, Fabrício Leite here, 19 years old, my hometown is Santos too and I intend to focus on my modeling career

How did all begin

Felipe: People used to say that we should follow the modeling career, so we decided to give a try. My first catwalk ever was for Miramar Mall here in Santos.  I was really nervous, but it was cool

Fabrício: In 2010 I did a modeling course at Oficina de Modelos by Clo,here in Santos and it was a terrific experience. So I really decided to work hard to achieve my goals. I´ve been doing some jobs in fashion shows, ads and editorials

Working with photographers and the catwalks

Felipe: When I´m posing to the lens of a photographer, I enjoy the place, the crew, clothes. Once I was walking in a catwalk then I just left and came my bro, but people didn´t know I had a twin brother so people got intrigued about the situation. How it was possible a guy changing his clothes so fast lol lol
I´ve already walked in a pantyhose, because it was a fashion concept. I´ve already worked with the photographer Dudu Medeiros.

I have just attended the Rexona commercial with soccer player Neymar,

Fabrício: My previous preparation before posing to a photographer – I don´t eat lol. I´ve walked for brands like Belliótica, Blue Minas, Hering, Joy, Be
rock, Aposs and some Tv ads Renner, Colgate, Cerpa beer

U guys are fashionistas?

Felipe: Yep, in winter I enjoy wearing jacket and scarf, and in Summer I´m sucker for sunglasses

Fabrício: yep I am too lol, Colorful shirts, jackets, pants,  stylishhhhh!!.

Famous twin models surrounded by a huge crowd! How u guys would handle it?

Felipe: I´d thank everyone for the compliments, I´d sign autographs and take pictures with them. I´d def enjoy the moment!

Fabrício: I would feel very proud, because these are the people who support us. Fans around the world!

Show biz, fame, success, male models, female models…

Felipe: Show business is cool. You achieve fame and Success when people recognize you for your professionalism. Most important things for me are family,  friends, clothes, cell phone and money. Yep, women still rule this business, after all, they are very pretty, thin and tall.

Fabrício: I think show business interesting. Fame is difficult to achieve, but with professionalism we can achieve the sucess. Most important things for me are my family, my life and my friends because they will always be there to support me in every moment of my life.
I think nowadays male models got the same exposure as we see with female models

The twins´ style

Very friendly, outgoing and romantic
Soccer and swim
I atract someone´s attention saying the right words in the right time and smiling cause it´s contagious lol
I enjoy the best of life going to movies, beaches, parties and chilling out with my buddies
In my Ipod Rihanna and Soulja Boy
D&G my fac underwear for all moments
If I weren´t a model I´d be a system analyst.
An unforgettable moment When I walking through the catwalk and people yelled my name

Upcoming projects: Modeling all the way yeah!
Felipe Leite

Dating and love, both things should always be together!
Soccer, swimming, and running are my fav sports
I enjoy the best of life going to malls, beaches, movies
Usher in my Ipod
My first catwalk ever was an unforgettable moment in my life
Upcoming projects: Focus on my modeling career, here I go folks!

Fabrício Leite

Ed, the brazilian editor with the models

Contact info

Felipe Leite!/felipe.leite.1671

Fabrício Leite!/fabricio.leite.58

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