Fabio Mancini: “I love to create immediately good vibes and energy with all photographers and all the people on my set”

22 jan, 2013

Ciao a tutti! ( hi to everybody “in Italian  :). My name’s Fabio Mancini,

I was born in a small town in Germany, but grew up in Italy and my hometown is MILANO!




I love to practice sport! I used to be a swimmer for around 20 years but I really love Soccer and my favorite team is FC INTER!! I’m a great soccer player, especially with my PlayStation game I’m the best! :)

How did all begin: a model “by chance”

I was discovered on the street by my actual manager: MASSIMO CURELLA the best booker in the world! In few days he organized for me a cool test shooting and I got the favor of all the photographers!! It was a mix between LUCK and HARD WORK on myself!

Step by step a lot of agencies in the world wanted to represent me and I’m so glad for that! So so I became a model “by chance”!

Working with photographers: expanding his energy all over the set

I really like to define me: “A Stage’s animal”. I love to be the protagonist, I love the fashion’s light and shot by shot I become always more confident and relaxed! My secret? I love to create immediately good vibes and energy with all photographers and all the people on my set! It’s amazing to know how each photographer works: every time is different !

An unforgettaable and unique life experience

One of my first shootings was with an american photographer: GREG VAUGHAN first of all a great person and a really cool photographer!! He told me : ‘today we have to enjoy the time, spend many time together, be relaxed’. We went to get a coffee at the bar close to the location and we have had a long speech! He made my day and Changed my mood. Definitely  he made my day! The result? Amazing pictures and amazing jobs immediately after!!

Posed naked already?

I never had problems also naked. I love my body, that’s why!! To be honest, I liked to pose Naked and one of the best photographers in the world OLIVIERO TOSCANI used to choose me for the “RELISH campaign” ! What an experience guys!!!! At the beginning I was a bit shy… uhm.. you know what I mean? Naked? Between men and womenot really usual. But the team was great.

We created a warm and confident situation and it was exactly such a family issue. Not with models but with brothers and sisters (Nothing bad…I’m a good boy! just to make no stress to my girlfriend)!

Thanks to my body I also made a presentation for DOLCE&GABBANA underwear and the campaign of McKeene in the south of France where I posed in underwear!!! Cool! Was fuc***g good!! When I’m undressed.. my secret? Fight with the camera! And show the power of my eyes!


Male models get more expo$$$ure into the fashion industry?

Not yet! Female models are much more valued about money and this is not really good for male models! But these are the rules of fashion.. F***k yet!! :)

The catwalks experiences

My first experience was for DIRK BIKKEMBERGS and it was really amazing! A lot of people waiting for you. A long runway to walk, super excited! But I’m always focused only on the sparkling light to make the photographers falling in love :). I made shows also for other designers : Emporio Armani, Carolina Herrera, Donna karren, Francois Marithe Girboud, Etro , Marlon gobel,  but Armani was the best EVER:energy at the maximum level!!!

A fashionista?

No!!! Not at all! I love to stay in underwear or naked in my house and for my daily outfit I like to wear easy and comfortable, no brand on me!!!! In my usual life I’m a super normal boy!

Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd!

I would take it easy! I would smile, put some music on my ipod and just…. dance!!!

Fame, Success…

For me, being successful is reaching my goals step by step, without coming to compromises

Dating X Loving




Atracting someone´s attention

I look deeply into someone’s eyes

Having fun, enjoying life

Playstation with friends, go to the stadium to watch my team INTER, go out to restaurants

Craziest thing

I flew to New York with only 1 euro and 2 cent in my pocket!

Fav body part

I think my eyes are my biggest strength

Fav underwear for daily activities and for those coooool sexy moments :)

No underwear at all

Fav food

Sushi or raw meet

Guilty pleasrure

Eat harribo sweets

If u weren´t a model u´d be..

A sport teacher


That’s my real little secret…

The Projects

Travel around the world and rock it with my Italian beauty!!

Contact info

Mother Agency: Beatrice Models Management http://www.beatricemodels.it/

Fabio Mancini website www.mancinifabio.com

FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/Fabio.Mancini.Official


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