Erik Johansson: “The photographer starts strip-dancing to get us models laughing for a shoot. It worked pretty good”

07 mai, 2011

I am from the northern part of Sweden where it is dark all day in the winter, but daylight all day during summer.

My hometown is pretty small with one main street for shopping in downtown, kind of like Oxford St in London, but a lot smaller and without all the people and shops.

I decided to give modeling a try after   a scout came up to me at Sydney airport, I was doing a exchange semester in Australia at that time. So after that I took a break from uni and got in to the modeling circus, which has been really fun with lots of travelling and meeting fun people from all over the world.

Best thing about modeling is that you knever really know what is coming up for you, maybe the next call says you’ve booked some big job. Or maybe it says that the good job has been cancelled, so it goes both ways.

Working with photographers: a strip dancing to get in the “mood”!


Not really any special routines, just chatting a bit and getting to know each other before shooting usually works fine. Allthough most photographers are different from each other, some direct you a lot and some just want you to come up with stuff.

Funniest experience I had must be when we were shooting on the streets of Shanghai and the photographer starts strip-dancing to get us laughing for a shoot. It worked pretty good.

The catwalks


Not that much to say, you walk on and then you walk back. Backstage is a lot more hectic during shows, it is really crazy stressfull with all the changes and clothes put on backwards and so on.

Erik by himself

A fashionista?

Sometimes yes. It really depends how I wake up. Mostly I just wear jeans, a good old “whife-beater” with a shirt over and hopefully some really cool shoes.

Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd 

I would leg it! I am not too worried about that happening soon though haha.

Show biz, Fame, Success, business and the most important things for his life

Fame and success, hmm.. has never really been a special goal of mine, but it sounds alright though haha. Although I think the most important things for me are family, friends, finding a job that I enjoy rather than one that is just about earning money, seeing as much of the world as I possible can. Aaand Food, of course!

Human Rights, Freedom of speech, Wars and Sexual Behavior

I watch the news, read the papers  and I always vote when I am given the opportunity.

Dating X Love

Don’t look for it. If it happens it happens


Could not live without it. I could live without cricket I think, alltough not sure that’s really a sport.

Atracting someone´s attention

Banging on my chest and roaring, like tarzan!

Having fun

I have most fun hanging around with friends, perhaps over a couple of drinks, some good food and a good game on TV. Then maybe follow that up with a night out haha!




Fav body part and why

Don’t really have a fav body part. I treat them all with equal respect and attention. On girls I would say…maybe face

Fav underwear for his daily activities and for those coooool sexy moments (lol!)

Well, let’s see.. the classic Adam’s leaf on a string for chilling out, the mankini for the beach… no I am afraid the answer is just regular boxers!

In his IPOD

Movits! Cool band from my town, check them out.


Fav food

My grandma’s cooking, awesome classic Swedish food.

Full name: Erik Johansson
Age: 24

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