Enri Parckert: “I did shows in São Paulo Fashion Week and Fashion Rio, so it is just the beginning. Stay tuned for my upcoming fashion shows folks”

31 mar, 2012

OK World of models Hallo, my name is Enri Parckert and I was born in the state of Santa Catarina – Brazil and now I am dedicating myself 100% to modeling and I want to be successful in this business!

I decided to become a model when I was 17. I received an invitation for my first shooting. I enjoyed the sensation of being in the spotlight and I intend to work for the big brands


Working with photographers: feeling comfortable posing naked

I love the flashing, the set,  it all makes me feel very comfortable. I have some previous preparations, especially for my eyes where the we have the largest source of expressions.


I’ve already posed naked  and the fuss is inevitable hahahahaha, but I just focus on what I have to do and let it flows! I have no problem to pose naked.

The catwalks experiences

I did shows in São Paulo Fashion Week and Fashion Rio, so it is just the beginning. Stay tuned for my upcoming fashion shows folks!


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A fashionista?

I have my own style, I like to wear formal clothes and coats during the winter. In the summer I wear my  rock ‘n’ roll style

Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd!

I would appreciate this situation. That would be really great experiencing this moment!

Show biz, fame, success, most important things for his life

To me show business is what moves the world, which everyone see, is what everyone says. Fame and success are the recognition of a jobswell done.

My most important things for me


DaingX Dating

Dating and I have her support


Free ride (bike) and Basketball

Atracting someone´s attention

My stylish way

Having fun, enjoying life

Chilling out with my buddies, playing guitar

Craziest thing in a summertime season

Fashion week season with models friends on the beach of Copacabana, nastyyy!

Fav body part

My eyes

Fav underwear for daily activities and for those coooool sexy moments (lol!)

CK all the way!

In his Ipod

Metallica! But I´m very eclectic. I also enjoy rock and reggae.

Fav food


An unforgettable moment

My first big show in Fashion Rio



Full name:Enri Enri Jose Parckert

Age: 21

Mother agency: Monica Monteiro http://www.monicamonteiro.com.br/