Elle Drane: “I instill in my thoughts that I am different, I am beautiful, I am special and there will never be another Elle Drane”.

02 mai, 2012

Howdy, World of Models. I am a fairytale girl who believes anything is possible when my mind is put to it. I am a Taurus, which happens to be one of the most memorable zodiac signs of them all. I think of myself as Wendy from the classic Walt Disney movie Peter Pan. I live in Never-never land. My dreams become reality. I think big and imagine even bigger.

 I was born in Los Angeles and partially raised in Houston, Texas by my grandmother.I later returned back to Los Angeles California where I finished my education and began my career as an agency signed Model.

Upon discovering my talent in the fashion world, I discovered that I liked arts and crafts, going to the gun shooting range, Baking desserts, and collecting Collector Edition Barbie Dolls. I have now collected over 150 but my collect wont stop there.

Every year I add on at least 4 new Barbie dolls to my collection.

How did all begin: glits and glam arena

I was a young girl (about 5) when I began having some experience in the glits and glam arena. Lets just say toddlers and tiaras have nothing on me! Once achieving competition after competition, my parents felt it was time for me to try something a little more challenging.

My next challenge was commercials. I didn’t fancy acting too much. Soon after I was advanced to print work and by the age 14. I had achieved being published in many magazines. The scene in my life as a teen was fashion and living diva lifestyle, which was highly inspired by my mother and her identical twin sister. My mother and aunt were models and one day I actually got achance to see them at one of their shows. Boy! Did that open up my eyes.

I was a backstage baby. I got a chance to see it all! The drama, make-up, wigs, high heels, running around, yelling, the clothes, but most of all the passion in the heart of the women that was about to hit the stage. I FELL IN LOVE. I was so spell bound, I managed to slip on one of the outfits from a rack off to the side and everyone though it was so cute. I felt apart of the movement. Some how, some way, I ended up on that runway and the crowd went crazy. The clothes were too big, but hey, I WORKED IT!!

Who would have ever thought I would be up there on that stage. Well that experience only opened up my huge imagination even enormously. My mother saw the passion and me and had a good friend of hers, who shot Tyra Banks when she first started, shoot my very first test!

It was a knock out! I like to believe that fashion revealed it self to me the night I hit that runway and I had to discover the rest. I sought out after the magical world of Fashion and have yet to let it go. You can become anything you want when you want and however you want. It’s a freedom of expression.

Working with photographers: straight to the point, capturing the essence of beauty in a unique way

When I work with the photographers, I like most when they give direction,which helps bring their vision to life. I like when the photographers are straight to the point and know how to capture the essence of beauty in a unigue way. I also love when they provide snacks.

I don’t have a special preperation before posing, however, I believe that it is highly important to stretch days up until the day of the shoot. Once I learned about depicting art through the lenses of a true artist, I then became comfortable in front of a camera partially nude.


Catwalks experiences: walking for huge crowds and the funny/unusual backstages moments

I love the catwalk. The funny thing is that I can only do it in front of huge crowds of 300 plus. I found that anything smaller than that gives me butterflies. One funny story is during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, I modeled for a designer who supplied shoes too small and too big for me all in one show. Boy was that a headache. My first look the shoes
were too big and I was so scared to walk in them being that I never practiced in them prior. The shoes had to be stuffed in order to wear them.

My last look required that I wear these plastic shoes that happen to be 2 sizes too small for my size 9.5 feet. I had to sit on one of the assistant staffs lap and let another assistant powder down my feet while we all pulled together to get my plastic shoes on. I was way more nervous to wear the plastic shoe than the first pair. I couldn’t feel my toes as I walked to the stage opening. All I know is fear kicked in and must have turned me into Wendy apparently because the crowd went wild.

I was told that was the best walk from the whole show. That night my walk was played over and over on a big screen at the after party! I have gotten a chance to work for some really great designer but just to name a few, I’ve worked with Roberto Cavalli, Voom by Joy Bryant, Heartherette, Loyd Klein and Betsy Johnson.

Male models X female modelin in the fashion industry

For a fact men don’t get paid as well as women do in the industry for some reason, however, I feel the exposure is equal. As far as the business is concern, I think gays rule the business. Wink..

A fashionista?

I am not as much as a fasionista as I use to be. When I am not modeling I like to be relaxed as much as possible. I like to wear lose tops and pants. I like to not wear make-up to let my face relax and breathe. The fashion industry allows only so much slack to where you can’t get caught slippen! Its best to stay ready so you wont have to get ready. The fastest and earliest bird catches the warm!

Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd

Wow! I’m not super famous, but that has actually happened to me before! I am sooooo shy! I was in a public resturaunt and I noticed people staring at me. I was with a friend and we were peeking the scene. It was cute and funny. I went to the restroom and a little girl followed behind me. She didn’t say anything when we were alone in the restroom, however, I noticed she left without washing her hands. After I washed my hands an exited the restroom I walked about 3 feet before I was approached by her
and she asked was I Elle Drane the model. I replied, yes I am.

She bailed and ran to her group of friends and began yelling, “it is her, it is her, I told you it was her”,and as I sat down her whole party including her parents came over to see me and asked to take pictures. I took photos with the group and forgave the hundred of apologies by her parents, kindly.

Show biz, fame, success..

I think that show business is not for everyone and show business is what you make it! I think show business can involve all walks of life and you have to be careful and protect yourself at all times.

I am sorry to say that I don’t have a favorite male model. I don’t really pay attention to them as much as I would a female model

Black models in the fashion industry

My favorite female model is Naomi Campbell. She inspires me because of how long she has stayed in the Never-Never Land of the Fashion industry. Will she ever get old? Wink….. I want my career to last if not as long, longer than hers has.

Naomi has a powerful walk, which makes her a signature walker. She has something different to offer. I try not to focus on my skin color when I go for jobs. I keep in mind that I am no less different from the next model because of
my skin color. I love to take a negative and turn it into a positive situation.

Because there are not that many blacks, African Americans in the fashion industry, it gives the ones whom are a chance to create a pathway for our kind. The models which are in the lime light have a duty to depict that beauty lies within the African American, black race. True we are not seen in at least 50% of the billboards or Ads across every major magazine, but
we do exist. With the very small percentage that we exist within, it is a very powerful existence.

I instill in my thoughts that I am different, I am beautiful, I am special and there will never be another Elle Drane. I am irreplaceable. I am a child of God and with God on my side, I will receive every blessing that he has set forth for me. Race has nothing to do with my blessings.

Having fun, enjoying life

My way to have fun would be to Be spontaneous. I love to visit new places all the time, however, I am a movie guru so the movies always work for me. My way to enjoy the best of life it to live with no regrets and value time always.

Craziest thing she´s ever done in a summertime season

season During my summer vacation a few friend and I went out to eat and decided to chose meals for each other. The menu was not in English so it was hard for me to really tell what I was ordering. Long story short I ended up eating snails that afternoon! I didn’t know I was eating snails until after the meal was completely done. It was my first time eating snails.

Fav body part and why

my favorite body part is my lips because they are the gateway to my destiny, they are naturally plump and beautiful. I hear women pay tons of money to get lips like mines and God gave it to me for FREE!

Dating X Love



Not into it at all

Attracting someone´s attention

Be myself

In her Ipod

All types of music. For every mood or situation I am in, there is a song that I can listen to relate. My musical range can go from Classical music to Skrillex given the right situation.

Fav food

Thai food Rocks

Guilty pleasure

Eating a whole bucket of clams in one sitting!

If you weren´t a model you´d be…

Michelle Obama or I would be a professional voice over actress

The Projects

Projects include LA Fashion Week. I got completely booked up and I am walking for Betsy Johnson’s line yet. I happen to be currently filming a documentary about me in the life of Fashion. Come June I will be working on my first movie roll as an African Princess Warrior, which will be developed by Fox Searchlight.

An unforgettable moment 

When I was obtained my first modeling contract and got signed by LA MODELS on the first meeting.


You have to know where you’ve been and where you come from in order to know where you are headed in life.

Full name: Elle Drane
Age: 21

Mother agency

Pinkerton Models http://pinkertonmodelandtalent.com/