Meet the models from Dragonfly Agency. Episode 4: Edward Harrington

05 mar, 2017


I grew up in Chicago about a block from the water. I’ve always been active and played a lot of sports growing up. I love to travel but when I’m home I spend a lot of my free time with my puppy Rex.




Modeling> how did all begin

The way I got into modeling was through a friend that owns a hair salon in Chicago and when he first opened the salon he asked me if I had ever been a model and if I was interested. Honestly, at first I laughed thinking he was joking, then I got scared when I realized he was serious.

 Since I believe in trying to overcome fears I figured I would give it a try. Obviously it’s a opportunity I’m glad I took. Later, I was found on Instagram and within a month I was sent to New York. For me my favorite part about modeling is getting the travel and the people that I get to meet in this industry. I never thought I could have so much fun “working”.






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 Posing to photographers

What I like most about shoots is getting to connect with a photographer on a different level; you get to build a trust between each other in a very short amount of time. On some occasions you connect so well in front of a camera that you end up being friends off the camera as well.

I don’t really have any pre shoot routine other than making sure I stay in a great energetic mood leading up to it so that way everything from posing to everyone having a good vibe comes naturally to me when I’m in front of the camera.







The runway shows

The runway that stands out the most to me is when I walked for Tom Rebl in Milan. We were walking on a hardwood floor and slick shoes and during run-throughs everyone was trying to figure out how to stop themselves from falling or sliding so I remember thinking as I walked on the runway to keep my balance centered and to take my time. Luckily everything went as planned.

When I’m walking down the runway I’m really just thinking “Yea… I know you want me… Yea… I know I look good…”

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Dumbest thing u´ve ever heard a model say

 The dumbest thing I’ve ever heard of model say is “Being a model is my only talent.” I think that being a model is a gift and a blessing, doing it well can be a talent. To me a talent is something that requires skill, natural ability, and a work ethic to improve it.

 Male models x Female models




When it comes to comparing male and female models in this industry I think there is still no comparison and that females dominate our industry. To me it is obvious by the fact that there are still more sales in women’s fashion and that woman still get paid significantly more than men.

I think in the United States, along with everywhere else in the world, it is becoming more apparent that diversity needs to be excepted and shown more on the fashion runways, advertisements, and in publicity. I believe the only way to make racism go away is by showing that it’s not an issue and that everyone can be beautiful regardless of their skin color or ethnicity.

Edward´s style

 wouldn’t consider myself naturally very fashionable, but I have learned and continue to grow when it comes to showing a better sense of style with my own touch. I was an athlete growing up and continue to dress that way for a while, however, I’ve become more comfortable with dressing with my own take on what is fashionable and as I do that I find myself dressing more and more like a model in my personal life.


Imagine u famous model surrounded by a huge crowd!

think my first reaction would be shock. I look at being a model as just a job, and I see my job as dancing around, having fun, and letting people take pictures of me while I do it. I understand why people find modeling interesting because I find it interesting myself.

However, what I hope to get across to people is that modeling is about accepting yourself, owning who you are, and not being afraid to show it. I think that it is because of this that after I got over the shock I would feel humbled knowing that people have an appreciation for what I do and who I am as a model.


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On show biz

My opinion on show business is that it truly is a show meant to be entertainment. I just hope to be part of the show that has a message that I agree with, and I hope that others see the message that I am trying to portray.

Dating X Loving

 For me, dating is about excepting someone for who they really are, flaws and all, and still choosing to love them and grow with them no matter how bumpy the road may get.


On the subject of sports; I truly love any sport, and in particular any sport that really challenges me.

Superpowers and Siperheroes 

In terms of superpowers; I never really had a desire for a typical superpower growing up, for me I always wanted to be able to influence others in a positive way and I believe I already have that ability. I think that is part of the reason why I like the Avengers because the Avengers stand up for others when they can’t stand up for themselves and do what they believe is right.

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Atracting someone´s ateention and enjoying the Best of life

My way of attracting someone is by getting into a meaningful conversation with them.

The way I have the most fun is by living in the moment and being open to whatever happens next. I think you learn the most about yourself when you’re put in situations you’re not used to, and to me, that is fun.

Guilty Pleasure

Ice cream.




Yourself in 10 years

I try not to look too far ahead in any aspect of my life because things can change in a moment.


My main motto is that it’s not what happens to you in life that matters, it’s how you react to it. You never know what the future will hold but I think it will be fun to find out.

Edward Harrington


(IG: @edward.harrington)

Agency: The Dragonfly Agency

(IG: @dragonflyagency)

Shoesize: 12


Height: 6’2″

Weight: 180 pounds

Interview by Ed, the brazilian editor