Eduard Petrovskyy: “If you are talented enough and do all the best you can, you’ll definitely succeed. That’s a simple rule”

31 mar, 2014

I’m a simple guy from Ukraine. Lviv is my hometown. Despite of travelling a lot, it’s still the best place in the world for me.


I love it’s mall streets with ancient architecture and yellow lights.

Speaking about myself, I’m a very easygoing person. I used to hang out with bad companies, burning life without thinking about future, looking for things which would make me happy.Well, I’m still looking for that. 



How did all begin

I didn’t ever think about becoming a model. But once, my friend bought a new camera and asked me to take part in some of his shootings. I agreed.
We took boxing gloves and a cotton jacket, which was tied up on my head like a hat, and made a few pictures. My godfather’s wife happened to see them. She works in a model agency, so she persuaded me to try modeling.

And here I am! I became a model. 
The best things in modeling for me are opportunities to travel around the world and see all the places from inside. I like what I’m doing, I love my job, for sure. 



Posing to photographers: communication and professionalism

I like when a photographer knows what he wants from the model, and can easily explain it. An easy way of communicating with a model is one of the major parts of professionalism.

I prepare for the shooting only when the photographer tells me his idea and asks me to practice in some special way or in case I understand that we are going to create something unusual.I had a few naked shoots and everything was ok. Of course, I was a little shy at the beginning, but after a while everything was back to normal.



One story happened during a fashion show consisting of 2 parts, with the first part involving male models only, while the second – female ones. So, after the guys’ part was over, we felt bored and decided to go to the fashion hall, in front of the place, where models should pose at the end. And just imagine, there we were – 15 guys standing and making freaky faces to girls! Well, I had never seen so many mistakes made at the stage at the same time. It was ridiculous, but funny too! 

 The catwalks´ experiences

The experience on the catwalk comes eventually. Sometimes clients ask to walk slowly, sometimes faster or even make some small jumps. Everything depends on the audience. I’ve worked for different designers, famous and not very famous. Actually I can’t remember all of them now. The only thing that never changes is listening to the music, while walking. I’m singing inside)





Male models x Female models: Who rule?

Everything depends on a model. Doesn’t matter whether are you a man or a woman.If you are talented enough and do all the best you can, you’ll definitely succeed. That’s a simple rule.


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Eduard, a fahionista?

 Not really, I prefer casual style, cause it’s comfortable.

Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd!

For sure I would stand stunned at the same place cause of shock. Then I would try to find the guy, who had screamed first and buy him a drink

On show business

Sometimes it’s really rough, but most of the time you love it. And after a while you find out, that it becomes a normal part of your life

Dating x Loving

That depends on feelings, if they still exist and are still so strong, then why not? Love is love) 




I was boxing for a while, swimming, judo, tennis.  

I’ve been going in for sports all my life. Now it’s a gym, I’m keen on keeping fit.

Atracting someone´s attention

Most of the time I don’t try to attract any attention, at least intentially. Mostly I stay aside and just observe.

Having fun, enjoying life

Fun depends on the ppl surrounding me, if they are my good friends, place doesn’t matter anymore.




Craziest (nastiest?) thing u´ve ever done in a summer time season

Well, I’done lots of crazy and nasty things, but I’d better keep them private. 

Fav body´s part

Females’ booty

If u could have a super power, what would it be and what´s  your fav super hero?

Mind Control and my fav super hero is Hulk

Dumbest think you’ve ever heard a model say

One of the clients asked a model during casting to show some poses in front of a cam. Instead of posing she asked to look at her book, those were all the poses.


Fav singers

Don’t have favorite singers, about music can tell that I listen to everything,I don’t have any borders for that.


Thai food is my fave.



An unforgettable moment

The first thing which appears in my head is the case when I almost died in a car accident, but everything finished cool. Was lots of laugh after. Such moments help us to appreciate life. What if I was given second chance for some reason?
We are all mad here.

And when u´ll come tom y world bud?

As soon as possible.



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