March 2009, my journey into the fashion world beginx. Here in my hometown Santos, I started this project during my webdesigner classes cause I was very curious to know about modeling and also my buddies used to ask me about how the fashion world works, how do these people live, curiosities, funny, unusual and unforgettable moments, glamour, vanities and so on. Since then, it has been such awesome moments meeting and interviewing models, photographers, scouters, directors, actors from around the world with such different life styles, cultures, unique and incredible stories that make this industry a real fascinating and exciting world. And now it´s time for a new step.
Ladies and gentlemen, I´m proud to present the brand new World of Models generation and I´d really want to thank to my huge World of Models family for the great support and cool feedbacks I´ve been receiving. It really  means a lot to me. This is a very special season of the year. Time for reflexions, union, blessings, love, let´s share and spread love! The best is yet to come!!!!

Valeu, um super abraço!!!

Ed, the brazilian editor

The World of Models organization

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December 01, 2010