Meet the korean model Do Byung Wook

03 out, 2014

Hello everyone, in 2011, I participated in “CK Presentation.” I enjoyed being noticed when walking out with new outfits. I wanted outfits to shine through me.

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I started working as a model while I was in a modeling academy. After finishing the program, I worked as a freelance model but soon I realized that would be impossible to keep working like that. In 2013, I had a chance to attend the Global Audition and I was selected to become an Elite model. I was very fortunate to fly to Milan to be on runways for Men’s Fashion Week.

The best thing about being a model is the pleasure to wear the freshly made outfits before anyone else.

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Photographers, previous preparation and falling asleep

I feel proud to see a good result that shows my effort to express according to the photographer’s direction.

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Before a shooting I use to study other models´ poses through print and online mags I check out their concepts and I´m ready to action!

Concerning posing naked as long as staffs surrounding me are professionals, I don’t mind.

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In Korea, there was a show with body painting application. While the body painting was applied, I felt asleep because of lack of sleep from the night before.

On catwalks

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I haven’t worked with many designers yet, but recently I had a chance to work with Domenico Dolce for a catalog shooting. I was very impressed by his attention to details.

When I´m walking down the catwalk I just think “I am the coolest model” and walk confidently.

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Male models, Female models and and an inspiration for your modeling career

That´s true there are more famous female models. Field for female models are bigger, so there are more opportunities for female models to stand out.

I like SungJin Park, a Korean model. He is slim in real life but transform to a charismatic figure in front of a camera or on stages, which I admire to become.

Do Byung Wook, a fashionista?


Not yet. My interest in fashion is growing as I am building my modeling career. I would like to try various styles to find one that fits me the best. I am not locked on any particular style, I like following the most current trend.

Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd!

I will be embarrassed and uncomfortable. I don’t like to get noticed when I am not working. I will probably try to avoid the situation.

Loving x Dating

I like new challenges, but not comfortable with irregular schedule. I pretend to be relaxed, but my mind is pretty complex.

Super powers and superheroes

I would love to be a respected man with wealth.

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There are too many. Used to be Superman.

Nickname in school

“Do Bang” because of my name. Nothing serious but easy and friendly way to say.

Favorite body part and why

Eyes and facial contour. If I frown, I look very serious because of my sharp cheekbone and eyes.

If you weren´t a model you´d be…

Life of a typical college student.

Next Chapters

After a short break back in Seoul, I am planning to go back to Millan.

Do ByungWook


Do Byung Wook


Interview by Ed, the brazilian editor