Dmitry Korikov: “Modeling for me it is just way to easy start big actor career at Hollywood”

05 dez, 2013

Be in touch with The World of Models. It is 3rd anniversary now. My respect and congratulations!! Happy Christmas and I hope you will have great 2014 year!!! ! Good luck :)




My name is Dmitry Korikov, I’m Russian actor and model. Now living in the New York. I was born at the greatest Russian city – Saint Petersburg. I love to play on guitar, beach volleyball, watching hockey, kisses, and also i really love videogames

Modeling for me it is just way to easy start big actor career at Hollywood. I´´ve been pursuing a modeling career since I was 13. And when some photographers at Russia start saying that want to make photoshoots with me, i think that it is great idea for my actor career also.





At one shooting I can look like vampire, at the another like romantic guy or strong guy, at another like somebody from my favorite movie characters. Look at Jonny Depp, he has so different styles in every movie. 

Posing to photographers: having fun at the shootings

I love when at big campaign shootings, we also have fun and I make poses that turns out great!. Before shooting I like to read about the the photographers work, their pics and also I like to have a previous conversation to them so I´m sure we´ll have a great time together,

I have a naked photo story, it was one of my shootings for Interview magazine. They asked me to do a full body hair removal,  It was amazing!






The runway  backstage´s stories

It is so funny when models sleep at the catwalk backstage. Sometimes we are so tired that we can do it on the floor. I have too much funny backstage stories. At the Dior casting, for example, I had never seen so much naked girls and guys before :). It can be ridiculous for some people.

What do you think of when walking down the runway? 

Ok) It is funny question) I think: “Now right leg, then left leg, then right….” Hahaha))))

Male models x female models: who rule?

The most important part of this business is selling clothes. And you know, girls around the world love to buy clothes more than guys do. So, only when the male market become really big, we´ll then have  much more exposure into the fashion industry.

 When I started learning how to pose to the lens of photographer I saw pictures of David Gandy, Jon Kortajarena and Francisco Lachowski. They are  my favorite male models. Concerning the girls, I love Coco Rocha and Cara Delevigne.

 Dmitry´s  fashion syle ?

Casual clothes and black style







Attracting someone’s attention 

Just doing my job great

Having fun, enjoying life

Travel all the time, see new places, with person whom you love

If you could have a super power what would it be?

I prefer immortality like wolverine have. He is my favorite superhero;)

The dumbest think you’ve ever heard a model say

I heard one time, hahahah, that model guy said to girl with a really serious face “Do you know what is the best complement for girl – mens erection”)))) hahahah






Fav body part and why

 Eyes, they never lie


Go for your dreams


Next chapters

 I want to spend some time here, at NY, like 3 month. And then go to LA for winter


 Mother agency – Request models NY.