Rio 40 Graus, the series: Actor and Model Diogo Venturieri Barra

14 jul, 2015


Hello! My name is Diogo Venturieri.  I’m a brazilian actor, singer and model. I live in Rio de Janeiro where I do my labor and live my life the best way I can. I was born in Belém, state of Pará. I grew up there and I came to Rio when I realized that all I wanted to be was here:  my dreams, expectations and what I was born to do.  



My first contact with the Performing Arts happened when I was 12 years old.  Mom always told me that I was very shy and if I started to attend school theatre It would help me to be an outgoing person, so I decided to give a try. That´s how it all began.

 I love watching the way things do to my life. I feel like living several lives in just one! It´s a way to express myself  and the Performing Arts can make me do it.

It was really cool in my first casting. It happened in the most important theater in my hometown. I played a nature activist that fought for  the environment along with his friends.

I also sang 2 songs that time and I am  now in a search of self knowledge and I believe that it will lead me ahead and take me where I want to be.



IMG_0404 (2)


On show biz and the most important things for his life

It´s a very competitive market and unfair sometimes, but if you have love in what you do, you will know how to deal with the light and darkness, otherwise you won´t survive.

Fame and Success for me are 2 different things. Fame is a result the  success you achieve with your work.  It´s the recognition of your professionalism.

The  most important things for my life are love, family, discipline, honesty and focus.

Acting x Modeling


o vizinho2

I love the fashion world but I never been in a catwalk and I really like to walk or pose for a photographer for a fashion campaign but it´s not depends on me. If you guys want me let’s do that :)

I’m also a model but Acting is my main activity nowadays.  When I became an actor I knew that I could get some modeling jobs, so  Publicity is a way to practice it and meet the staff in the studios.

Before a shooting I focus on my previous preparation working hard at the gym, eating well and staying healthy.

I see some similarities between these two careers but I intend to pursue Acting because it´s what I was born to do.

diogo 8


diogo 5

Beauty x Professionalism

Beauty is important but not essential. It helps out to get in the works, but talent and professionalism are above all!. 

Imagine u a famous actor/model surrounded by a huge crowd. How u´d handle it?

I´d  try to be nice to everyone, after all, fans are the main reason to keep up my work and also the recognition of your good job

Loving x Dating

i’m a classic and romantic man but nowadays I think this kind of man is disappearing (lol)


Surf, Skating and Gym


Craziest thing u´ve ever done before

Leaving hometown searching for my dreams  

Fav body part and why

My shoulders because I like the drawing.

Fav underwear for all moments

Boxer briefs





Food and Music

Filet mignon with French fries and a cup full of Coca Cola.


Superpowers and Super heroes

Flying and my fav super hero is Superman



If u werená an actor and model, u´d be…

An architect

Yourself in 10 years

Doing many movies and soup operas and musical theatre


An unforgettable moment

My first character in theatre

Current Project: Peter Pan, the musical


Upcoming Project:  Capitães de Areia, the musical


Full name: Diogo Venturieri Barra

Age: 33

Height: 1.78m

Weight: 70kg

Shoe size: 41

Mother Agency: 40 Graus Models 

Interview by Ed, the brazilian editor


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