Diego Volpi: “I’m a romantic person or I would say I’m a hopeless romantic with a dirty mind lol”

29 jan, 2015


Hello everyone, it is a pleasure to be here and I feel honored to be able to talk a little about myself, learn with you all and share experiences with everyone. I’m Diego Volpi, born in Sao Paulo – Brazil, where I´m actually living right now, but I also have Italian/Spanish background. I’m a funny an easygoing guy, who likes arts, fashion, travelling and dancing.

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Modeling: how did all start 

Well, let´s say I´m starting modeling right now, or I would say restarting, I’ve let my beard grow a few months ago and since then I got lots of followers on instagram and I’m getting quit some work proposals. I’m really enjoying modeling and I do hope to do much more. 

I guess the modeling thing started a few years ago when I was living and studying in Toronto – Canada and I was approached by a producer of an American TV show. At that time I made some selfies and sent it to a modeling agency which called me, but at the same time my dad passed away, so I returned to Brazil. Here in São Paulo I was called by an agency and I started doing some jobs. 

One of my first shootings was with Nati Canto, a great photographer that turned into an amazing contemporary artist and I also can say, one of my best friends.

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Posing to photographers

I love to be photographed, and I like to feel I’m doing the way they expect from me. I do always listen to directions but usually I make my own poses and when I feel free the result comes out much better. All the photographers I´ve worked so far told me that I completely change in the pictures, I become a different character, joking about it I would interpret it as … you are ugly in person but not as bad in the pictures lol.

The catwalks

I like a lot catwalks but unfortunately still not made ​​many, hope to do more though. The fashion industry in São Paulo is taking larger proportions, yet men’s fashion still on the way. Brazilians designers as João Pimenta and Alexandre Herchcovitch are fashion geniuses that I admire a lot and I would love to get a chance to work for. And of course many others internationals. What I think when I walk down the runway? Well, I think that I rule the world lol (kidding)



Male models x Female models

I think female models have more opportunities but its all about the industry, they have much more products to sell etc, but we are getting there. I think the society in general are taking much more care about how to dress well, to look good, be confident, so somehow all of this gives value to the fashion industry.

As a brazilian, of course, our muse Gisele Bündchen is my favorite and always will be, but back in the 80’s I really liked Linda Evangelista.

Diego, a fashionista?

I do have my own style I guess, and especially because I kinda have this wild look, bearded, hairy body, it gives me a hipster sort of look. I like to wear something comfortable that makes me feel good and look good.



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Just imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd!

Lol,  I wish!!! lol. Well I guess I would try to be polite to all and be grateful to everyone for being very kind and supportive to me.

On show business

Let me in :)

Dating x Loving: Humm I’m a romantic person or I would say… I’m a hopeless romantic with a dirty mind lol.

Sports: I used to play volleyball, swimming and do some work out, but I just wish I had more time.

Superheroes and Super powers: I would like to have Storm (x-men) super powers so I would make some rain in Sao Paulo right now, we need it, and it´s so hot in here.

Atracting someone´s attention: I’m very shy in terms of getting someone’s attention, that’s way I guess I’m still single.

Having fun, enjoying life:  I just dance and travel. I like  travelling a lot and I’m a big city kind of guy, love New York City, London, and all the big cities, specially São Paulo.

Fav body part and fav underwear for all moments: The shape of my eyes is my favorite body part, and speaking about underwear, recently for my daily activities I’m not wearing none, but wait let me explain lol… instead I’m wearing a very comfortable shorts by Andrew Christian. Well on my sexy moments…I can´t tell u folks :)

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Book, Food and Music

My favorite book so far was: Sophie’s World,  a novel by Norwegian writer Jostein Gaarder

Lo J Florence and the Machines 24/7 singing and on my iphone and on my mind. I Love that singer.

Favor food is anything with mango.

Guilty Pleasure: Chocolate

Nickname in school: Pinocchio (do I need to explain why? Lol)

Yourself in 10 years: I hope to be here in this website, but on lots of magazine covers lol

If u weren´t a model, u´d be… A photographer. One day I will.


Next Chapters

I hope to get a lot of opportunities and do much more, specially internationally, but so far, the best I’ve made was great friends, like all the photographers, stylists, designers and all the people who are very passionate about what they do. I really like doing it as well.


I just did an editorial for a website wearing kilt and skirts as you guys can see. And about upcoming projects, hum… Let it come, Let’s rock it.

An unforgettable moment: My first love

Motto: Love yourself


Mother agency: BRM Models http://www.brmmodels.com.br/ 

Interview by Ed, the brazilian editor



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