New faces rock, the series. Episode 93: Diego Reblin

24 mai, 2015


Hello World of Models family, I´ve been living all my life in a small town in south of Brazil named Presidente Getúlio, located  in Santa Catarina state, It is a amazing place to live,  a green city, lots of trees, many waterfalls.





I did my graduation in Advertising and I worked in an office for a long time, but now i love my model life, and I want to do this for many years.  

During the morning I work out in a park or in the gym. I love cooking and eating good food with my family and my cat.

 i really miss them when i travel.  

Modeling: how did all begin








I became a model when a booker saw my pictures in the internet and called me to do my first book. Some months later I quit my job and focused on my modeling career.

 A month later I travelled  to New York for my first international modeling season!.  

The best thing about modeling s travelling and meetin different cultures,  new people, this is simply priceless! 

Posing to photographers 

I like to work with creative photographers that give me a clear guidance about what they really want on the shooting, so always have a previous talking to them to understand what thet really expect from me 

I’ve already done sexy pics, I have no  problem posing naked if we work with a professional team.

Once I was doing a nude shoot for a mag in a crowded beach so I had to be careful to not showing full frontal to people in the beach. It was crazy but fun :)

 The runway shows

 I am a new face, so I ´ve just walked for local brands but hopefully soon for  major and renowned international brands. The best is yet to come!



 Male models x Female models: who rule this business?

Male and female models are the main essence of fashion world. It´s just like a teamwork, so I think its unnecessary to compare male and female models

Nowdays we have great male models. My favorite one is Lucas Cristino, he´s been doing great jobs and  he is very beautiful. My favorite female model is Francieli Morawski,  she rocks and a great person and very humble.

The dumbest think you’ve ever heard a model say

“To be a model you do not need a hard work”

Diego, a fashionista?



I have a casual and classic style. I like to wear good clothes and I follow trends but I do not like to call myself attention.  

Imagine u famous model surrounded by a huge crowd! 

When become  famous, you need to understand that the reason of your success comes from your fans, so we must treat them  respectfully, give everyone´s attention and take it easy!  

On show business  

It has become a lawless jungle, a hard competition in all sectors, originality and creativity seem to be a bit forgotten, but I can still see good things in various sectors.



Dating X Loving

I have a girlfriend and I love her very much, she completes me.


I play soccer and I like running too 

Superpowers and Super heroes

Flying and living like a bird

Batman, is my fav one. He can be a hero even without super powers

Atracting someone´s attention  

I show my funny side to the audience!

Having fun and enjoying life

Always having my best moments with my family. I also enjoy going to parks and running too



 Fav underwear for  daily activities and for those coooool sexy moments!

 I wear box underwear for daily activities and  when I want look sexy I use only my skin :)  


Craziest (nastiest?) thing you´ve ever done in a summer time season  

Drunk in the beach  and I really don´t now how I did arrive home! 

Also fishing in the ocean with my friends is a crazy experience!

Fav body part and why  

My eyes, because they are similar to those of my father

 Food and Music

Japanese food

I hear different styles of Brazilian music and rock. Maroon 5 is my fav band

 Nickname in school  

Big head 

Earliest childhood memory  

My dad waking me up in the morning and taking me to school

Guilty pleasure

Swimming naked at night


Yourself in 10 years 

Running my own business 

If you weren´t a model you´d be… 

A Businessman


An unforgettable moment

Seeing my father walking after back surgery


The only thing that can stop me from winning is myself

Next chapters

Next month I´ll travel to New York for a season, and then my agency will look for the next projects. Hopefully this international season will rock!!!


Diego Reblin

 Mother agency: PPM – Projeto Profissão Modelo 

Interview by Ed, the Brazilian editor



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