Diego Ribeiro and Walison Fonseca: the cool guys from my hometown!

06 jan, 2012

Yeahh yeahh my World of Models family, start to spread the news cause for the first time ever since the launch of the World of Models Organization, I´ll be publishing  interviews from my buddies of Santos, my hometown!

Ladies and gentlemen, there comes  actor Diego Ribeiro and  model Walison Fonseca. This is just a preview. As a  matter of fact,  these are some pics taken by me this week. It´s our World of Models rocks moments! We had a real good time doing these pics and of course, I´m sharing them with you guys!. Their interviews are  coming soon and it´s just the begining. More models, actors, photographers from antos will be here to share their amazing stories with us. Here we gooooooo!!!!


Ed, the brazilian editor

Alohaaaaaaa Santos!!!!

The guys Walison Fonseca (left) and Diego Ribeiro (right)

Previous preparation 

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Greets from Diego and Walison