Rio 40º. the series: model Diana Bouchardet

24 fev, 2015

Hello everybody and I m glad to share my history with you guys! :) Well, my name is Diana, I m 24. I was born in a little town, up in the mountains close to Rio, named Teresópolis, whose waterfalls and forests are as a post card.

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So I´ m somebody who loves to spend time in the middle of the nature, feeling the energy and contemplating what the earth gives to us.




I started my career 8 years ago, and since then I have travelled to work in a different countries: Italy, USA, Germany, France… It’s realy a great job! Haha 

Actually, i didn’t decide to become a model just by myself: it started when I was a little girl, somewhere between 12 and 14, when everybody started to poke me: “you shall become a model!”, or something like that, maybe but I never listened. Until one night: I was in a bar, hanging out with my friends, in the bohemian neighborhood Lapa – Rio de Janeiro, when a photographer stopped me and gave me a biz-card from Elite Models.  

After some days I decided to give it a shot and take my first testshooting, so I went to the agency with my mom. This path led me to participate to my first Contest Elite Model Look 2008. I was 17 when actually the thing really started to get real. 

There are so many good things about being a model, but for sure the best is traveling! 

 Posing to photographers: concentration and meditation 

As my preparation starts at the time I sit on the chair for the make up, i use to have a plenty of time before things get started; that is the sacred moment u concentrate and meditate about all the photo shoot.

And once posing to them, it´s really cool when there is that “sync” that turns working a very easy and natural moment. 

Concerning posing naked, it depends  on the project, If it’s something nice, no vulgarity involved, I have no problem at all.




The runway shows


 I really love  them! The energy and the huge adrenaline involved excite me to get in scene. 

 I´ve already walked for Ricardo Cerrapa Couture in Milan, True Religion in the Mercedes Benz (Miami); Salinas, NK Store and others. 

When I´m walking down the catwalk, I feel like  there is nobody there, but me, the music, the flashes, as long as my nervousness and excitement. It’s very rewarding!

 Male models x Female models: who rule this business? 

Well, I have some friends male models who constantly work and make maybe more than many girls in the fashion world. The model I admire the most is Isabelli Fontana, I love her simplicity and natural beauty.


Diana, a fashionista? 

If fashionista means getting crazy in the shops and buying everything, I m not. During all my life I always preferred going to look for something with some real value. My favorite shops those ones known as thrifts. I wear what I feel comfy in the moment both inside and outside.




Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd! 

Selfie time! Haha 

On show business 

“There is no business like Show Business” :)  

- Dating X Loving:

D: Loving ❤️




 Super power and Super heroes 

For sure to fly! It Is my dream, feel the sensation the birds feel and just “Fly away from here” ;)

 My brother, mom and dad. For sure, my best inspiration comes from somebody who fought all life to prove me that is not necessary super power, but a heart full of love and humility to get where we dream of.

Atracting someone´s attention 

Being myself.

 Having fun and enjoying life 

I love life! All the ways to enjoy it’s ok for me: partying with the people I love, meditating In my hometown, waterfalls, just chilling at home and traveling around..




Craziest (nastiest?) thing you´ve ever done in a summer time season 

 Every summer in Ibiza is a crazy time :)

 Music and Food 

O don’t have a favorite singer anymore,  but now I enjoy all kind of music that give me any sensation. I go from e MPB to reggae, deep house, mantra songs, chill out, etc

 Vegetarian and Vegan food

 Guilty pleasure

Healthy “munchies” :)


 Fav body part and why 

I like my nose, don’t know why.

 Earliest childhood memory 

I remember when I was around 3 or 4 and I saw my parents kissing each other, so I decided to try with my little-boyfriend, behind a tree in the kindergarten. I remember that the teacher told us that we could grab a “thrush”. I was terrified.

 Nickname in school 

I don’t recall if I ever had one. Just

  Yourself in 10 years 

 I hope I’ll be living with my partner in a front-beach house in Hawaii or Maldives!

  If you weren´t a model you´d be…

 A dancer? Haha no, actually I don’t know

 An unforgettable moment

My first trip modeling when I was 18.

Next Chapters

Now I m creating with my partner a new brand of fine jewelry, composed of solid gold and Brazilian diamonds, called “Odysseys”. You’ll see soon :)  

And modeling projects are always coming up! I´ve just made a great campaign shot in Greece for Korres Cosmetics. Coming soon :)


Full name: Diana Bouchardet Moraes Sofia

Mother agency: 40 Graus Models 

Others agencies 

Mega Model Brasil

 Urban Milano

MGM Hamburg

Mc2 Miami

 Interview by Ed, the Brazilian editor