Denzel Watkins: “The more experienced the photographer is the more he will be able to coach and the more the model will learn!”

13 jul, 2014

Hello, my name is Denzel Watkins!. I was born and raised in Detroit, MI where I then moved to Las Vegas, NV from Cleveland, OH right after I graduated high school in 2009.





My passion is modeling, acting & styling/fashion! On my downtime from that I enjoy working out and going on road runs, playing basketball and just networking and meeting new people, which leads to new relationships and that to me plays a big part in being successful in whatever it is you might be perusing! 

Modeling: how did all begin

I decided I want to peruse modeling when I was in junior high school at age 14!  What sparked the interest in modeling was hearing about it from a good older mentor/friend who has had a good modeling carrier and one day he shared a lot of information about the industry and showed me his portfolio and I became very interested right away with me being so into fashion.


I was discovered by a agency in Las Vegas, NV by the name of BEST Agency & agent Gwyn Lloyd-Hughes! BEST Agency is also the same agency that booked me for my first test shoot which was  Zappos in Louisville, Kentucky who I still do web modeling for till this day!

The best about modeling for me so far is getting signed to Jonathan Keller MGMT. & also moving from the small Las Vegas market to the big California market where way more opportunities and bigger bookings will be presented.


Posing to photographers: a good workout before shooting

What I like most about shooting with a photographer is always learning something new whether it be a new pose or a certain facial expression because with them being on the other side of the camera they can see a lot you can’t. The more experienced the photographer is the more he will be able to coach and the more the model will learn! 

My biggest preparation before posing/ shooting with a photographer is a good work out before the shoot so my body is at its best and also with me being a stylist I feel I might pay a little bit more closer attention to my styling/clothes to make sure everything is the way it should be. The last preparation I do before posing for a photographer is getting my facial expression in the right mind frame to play into the look or theme of the shoot as best a possible. 




I am comfortable being naked in front of the camera because as a professional model their will come a time where a amplified nude photo shoot will probably present it self and I also feel modeling is not just a passion or a job but its a art so theirs times when you need to get artistic with in the shoot and that’s where a amplified nude shoot can most likely come into play!

One of my funny backstage stories: I was walking in a runway show and in the middle of the fashion show a guy who seemed and probably was drunk hopped on the runway and started to do some crazy dance move which threw everybody off guard both the models and the audience then on top of that once security grabs him off stage the very next look one of the females tops fell down and backstage they have a screen where we can see everything going on so where all just like what the hell kind of show this this turn into lol I would say that’s about the craziest modeling experience I have ever had!




The runway shows

After being signed to BEST for about a year I booked a 3 month contract with Fashion Show Mall on the Las Vegas Strip (Biggest mall in Nevada)! The mall has a underground runway that rises from the floor on the weekends every hour on the hour. I have walked for designers Macy’s, True Religion, Dillard’s, Pull-IN, Macy’s Men, & Desigual!

Male models x Female models: who rule?

I feel that female models have a little bit more exposure then male models because modeling at the end of the day is fashion and in the realistic mind frame females spend waaaay more on clothes and shopping then the average male so their for I feel advertisement is sometimes targeted towards females a little bit more then males but I would never say females “rule the business”

I feel the attention that male models get is very close to the attention female models get but I don’t feel it is equal, not in a bad way I just feel that’s how the industry/business is set up do to the fashion and sales!

The male model that has inspired me and my career in the past is Tyson Beckford and female model Tyra Banks.

Denzel, a fashionista?

I am very much so a fashionista! Outside of modeling I am a stylist and also a designer with a line coming out in the near future so with that being sayed I have to and enjoy staying up on the lasted hottest fashion and new trend and also being a trend setter!
I like to where all different types of clothing in all different genres. My favorite designer is Ralph Lauren but at the same time you might could see me with a preppy look one day then in a rough denim look the next day just to give you an example of how my style is all over the place.




Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd!

If that situation was to take place the first thing that would happen is my excitement would probably take over right along with the crowds because I would feel the energy and my adrenaline would start flowing! As a model I try to stay very humble and not fall into that typical cocky model mode that ones outside the industry feel we all are as soon as they hear the words “I am a model”! So with that being said as long as the crowd doesn’t get to crazy where I might feel my well being is in danger or safety I would embrace the attention and love the people are giving me and appreciate them just like they appreciate me!





On show business

I think the show business these days is very cut throat! You have to watch the people you associate with and do business with because in the modeling world your name is everything and you are your own brand so you need to advertise and market your self in the best professional way as possible to get the best results in your career!

Dating X Loving: In a relationship currently, but I feel you can’t rush love it will come when it comes along with the right person in due time!

Sports: Big Miami Heat fan, love playing basketball and any active sport really! Also enjoy watching football but I don’t really have a team just enjoy and appreciate a good competitive game!

Attracting someone´s attention: I feel the best way to attract attention is to be very out going and a people person. Also being unique in your own way to differ your self and make your self stand out of a crown but at the same time being your self and not acting like someone your not!

Having Fun, Enjoying Life: When it’s time to have fun I like to get styled up and hang out with friends but I keep a very small circle. I enjoy movies, hookah lounges, watching sports game, trying new restaurants and meeting new people at good networking parties to build new business relationships!

A crazy/nasty Experience: The crazy nastiest thing I have done during the summer was tried to food chit lends which was nasty as hell lol

Fav Body Part: Abs, because its the one thing people look and notice on a male other then their face of course when their shirt is off. It shows you take care of your body and gives sex appeal!

Fav underwear for all moments: For a regular day a pair of Ralph Lauren boxer briefs will do but when it’s time to have more of a sex appeal I throw on a fresh pair of Calvin Klein’s.

Music: My favorite singer is Robin Thick and on my IPod you would find a lot of Rap & R&B!

Fav Food: Boneless Honey BBQ Wings

Guilty Pleasure: Spending a nice romantic night with a beautiful curvy female that has her head on straight and not just looks!

If you weren´t a model….: If I was not modeling I would be a full on actor!

Unforgettable Moment

Booking a runway show I was one in the audience with a dream of walking the same runway I can now say I walked!

Upcoming Projects

Building a clientele, working and pushing out my clothing line and designing new stylish pieces, starting a Sunglass line with my business partner Jonathan Keller and few other things and business plans I have in the works and ideas to put into action!

Motto: Time is money & time is valuable!


Denzel Michael Watkins


Mother Agent: Jonathan Keller MGMT.



Wilhelmina Miami

Interview by Ed, the brazilian editor