Denis Jovanovic: “When I’m doing some fashion show, i have a blank mind. I just try to walk with as much confidence as I’m trying to glow”.

04 jun, 2016

Hey guys, i’m Denis Jovanovic and I was born in one really – really small city on the east of the Serbia Named Majdanpek in 14th October 1996.



Modeling: how did all begin

Actually it was never up to me, it’s just happened. When I was a kid I always dreamed about being an actor, or just to see myself on tv. So whenever someone asked me as a child “Denis what you gonna be when u grow up ” I was like I don’t know but I’ll be on tv, I was afraid to tell what I really want because everyone was laughing to me when I said something like that.  



Because it’s seemed really impossible for everyone but me, that I’m gonna go out of my small town and try to make that my dreams come true.

Everything’s started when I was 14. I saw some competition on Facebook organized by one photographer. ” Who won with the most likes on the picture that one will get a free shooting for a book ” After 7 days of fighting all day and all night long I won! Not long after that I did that shooting , when the photos came out one girl found me on the Facebook , and she asked me “Hey , have u ever thought about being a commercial model, I have one casting right now , so if you want you can try , you are really cute”





I told my mom about it but she was suspicious , but after while she let me to go – alone in Belgrade ( 4h away with bas ) I can’t say that I was not afraid , I thought that someone would kidnap me , or something like that.

So when I get there alkaline, before I came in I knocked a few times, then run away to see who gonna open , and if is there a studio for real. It was my first casting and after a job ever, It was for candy. I was on every single billboard in Belgrade, and my tv commercial was on tv as well.  After that everything starts to happen.


During all my trips and fights with myself and after with everything else, I become a person I always wanted to be, a man with strong character and with good heart. That’s for me the best thing.

Posing to photographers


Well, I like when they have an energy, because I’m a very energetic guy. On the shooting I can do whatever you want expect to stay calm in one place and one pose for a while.

Yes, I’m comfortable when I’m shooting  naked, but I’m not someone who will do that with anyone , but to be honest. I feel the best when I’m just in my skin. That’s when magic starts. Lol

The runway shows


When I’m doing some fashion show, i have a blank mind. I just try to walk with as much confidence as I’m trying to glow.

The fashion industry







 Women will always rule this business, and it will never gonna change. Naomi Campbell is gonna be my favorite forever and ever.

Denis´ style

 I’m not crazy about clothes, but I like to look correct in every situation. I love to wear a good leather jacket, white t -shirt, black jeans  and some nice sky tops , with Ray ban on my head. Keep it simple but still look strong is always a first choice for me.



Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd!

  I actually  never thought of it . But I guess that I would handle that normally with a big smile on my face.

 On show business

 I think that is a crazy world where just the strongest gonna survive.




Superpowers and Super heroes

As a kid I always wanted to fly to read and to control mind.

Atracting someone´s attention

Probably I’d just be me

Fav underwear for all moments




Food and Music

I can eat pizza, and pancakes whenever you want

Depends on the mood, but I listen everything.

Nickname in school

Denis donut -.-( I was so fat and I donut was everything to me)



Yourself i 10 years


If you weren´t a model….

 Well, on the first place I’m a student. Modeling is temporarily, that is something that I’m doing when I have extra time because I love it . But I don’t want to wake up one day realizing that I’m 30, That my time is gone and that I don’t have nothing but pictures and memories and some left money.

I’m someone who is going through the life with the feet on the ground and who like to keep it real. In every way;


An unforgettable moment 

My trip to NYC , everything about that time was just unforgettable.

 Next Chapters

I’m not someone who speek about things that didn’t come yet , so I’ll just let it  go how it’s meant to be.



Be you,Be the best version of yourself ,

Full name: Denis Jovanovic


Age: 19 Height: 185 Weight: 76

Shoesize: 43



Mother agency: Demons Models Management

Interview by Ed, the brazilian editor